Does clomid cause pregnancy symptoms to come and go?
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Courtney - January 25

Does anyone know if clomid causes sore nipples 3, 4 and 5 DPO and pregnancy symptoms ( bloating, gas)?I am now 6 DPO and breasts are no longer sore, but I am still very bloated. It is driving me nuts! Can this drug cause all of this or does this sound like very early pregnancy? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


yes - January 26

Yes clomid can mimick pregnancy symptoms, and estrogen can cause sore nipples and perkier nipples also. Cramping,bloating and gas are all side effects as is thinning of the lining.It can also include side effects hostile cervical mucus, hot flashes, mood disturbances, headaches, visual disturbances, ovarian enlargement and hyperstimulation syndrome, and possibly increased risk of some types of ovarian cancer. Are we just doing wonderful things to our bodies- ugh. ...good luck on your 2ww


TC - January 26

Your symptoms sound just like mine last month. I had the very sore nipples and all. I even gained weight, had heartburn, had creamy yellow cm, etc.... I thought for sure I was PG. As you can guess I was not, but still never lose hope and try till you can try no more! I am on my 2nd cycle with clomid. Ovulated today or yesterday. Now in the TWW. Good luck!


Courtney - January 26

Wow! Thanks for responding. This is definitely a roller coaster and I know not to get excited now unless I get a BFP. Good luck to you TC!


TC - January 26

It really does help to know these facts about clomid. I spent my TWW last cycle looking at myself saying "I am definitely PG" and when I got AF I was floored. I tried to prepare myself for disappointment, but I'm not sure you really can. Noone told me what types of symptoms this drug could produce, so I was so sad, and then had to start the drug all over again, which this month, gave me some serious depression. It sucked, but I'll do it again if I have to.



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