Does Clomid and/or HCG shot affect BBT?
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addie1717 - January 18

Hi, I am new here and looking for some help! We have been trying to conceive for a little over a year now. I am on my 4th round of 100mg of clomid and also on HCG trigger shot this month.
My question is...can clomid and HCG shot affect BBT? Every month on Clomid my BBT spikes up at ovulation and stays up until AF...usually around 98.6 and higher. It has continued to be around 98.2-98.3 with no spike at all. Clomid has made me ovulate every it possible that I did not ovulate on clomid and trigger shot? I called my RE, but I didn't feel like they really answered my question. Has anyone's BBT stayed low and still got BFP? Does being colder outside affect it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


pmblake - January 18

Great question! I'm doing a trigger shot this weekend and I was wondering the very same thing. I really judge what's going on w/ my cycle by taking my bbt. If it doesn't rise like I'm used to than I would probably consider the cycle a bust, but it may not be. When did you take your trigger? and did you have a bbt drop this month? that's another concern of mine... will I see the drop. Thanks!


addie1717 - January 18

I don't always have a drop before O, and have read that a drop does not always mean something, but I don't know about going up? I took the trigger on day 14, today is day 20. I am also taking another HCG shot 7 days after the 1st one. Don't know why , but that's what Dr. said to do. How could I not ovulate all of a sudden with all the drugs?


pmblake - January 18

So you're usually at 98.6+ and this month you're at 98.2+. Was your pre O temp any different this month? I wouldn't be concerned that you didn't ovulate. If your temps rose than most likely you did. Are you going for a day 21 test? to test your progesterone level?


karenk - January 18

Hi. I was on Clomid 100 cd 3-7 in November. I have been ttc for a year, and have been using bbt's religiously the entire time. I got pregnant on the Clomid, but miscarried quickly after. My temps during the cycle I got pregnant were different....lower overall than they usually were, and they even dropped below the coverline days 10 and 11 after ovulation. Don't know if that helps or not. My docs (ob/gyn and RE) both are not huge fams of bbts, but i do it anyway because it makes me feel like I know better what is going on with my body.


addie1717 - January 18

Even though they were lower, did you see a spike at all around O? My Dr. is not a big fan of BBT either...she told me unless I enjoyed it to stop doing it...maybe I should listen to her. :o) I will keep ya'll posted on if this different month means anything!


pmblake - January 19

Karen - when your temps dropped after O did you have a progesterone level check that month? a post O check? interesting that they dropped and I assume that's the month you m/c?? I've had 4 m/c, just started bbting and have also found it to be very helpful. Maybe I could've been prepared for my m/c's if I'd been temping before. Did the 2 dropped temps raise any flags for you? sounds like low progesterone... argh.. i have the same issues.


addie1717 - January 19

Great, now I feel like if I do fet BFP it will end with M/C


karenk - January 19

Hi ladies. I guess my thoughts on bbts are to continue doing them if you want to, but try not to get so focused on them. They provide information, but I try not to live and die by them anymore. Addie, please don't feel discouraged. I was just trying to demonstrate how from month to month, the bbt pattern can change. Hang in there! In terms of a "spike", I am not sure exactly what you mean. My temps usually run from about 97.3 and lower before ovulation. My coverline is usually around 97.5. My temps usually stay consistently above the coverline until AF 10-11 days after O. The month I took Clomid, my temps were lower than normal, and they dropped 2 days in a row after ovulation, but I got pregnant that month. Really the main reason I do bbts is to see if I am ovulating. According to my charts I ovulate every month, but my RE says that bbts say nothing about the QUALITY of ovulation, thus my problem in ttc. Hope this all helps.


addie1717 - January 21

My temp stayed lower after ovulation than before but then went up after my 2nd HCG shot on day 21 my temps shot up, and have stayed my bbt was so weird this month...but RE said it was pretty impossible for me not to O on my 4th month of clomid and HCG trigger, when I have O'd every I have a few more days to wait...maybe weird temps are good...I'll keep you posted!


karenk - January 22

Addie, I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that weird temps are good and that you will soon have your BFP! I have not yet used an injection in this whole process, so not sure what that might do to bbts. I, too, have only a couple of days now until AF is due to show. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I say that every month...Baby dust to everyone!


pmblake - January 24

Hi Addie, I was wondering how you were? How has the 2nd shot treated you? I'm experiencing the same as you were - lower temps after O. I did a trigger shot also this month. Let me know how things have worked out for you!


addie1717 - January 25

my second shot was fine...AF is actually due today but no sign what so ever...normally my boobs hurt but they dont! Also my temps finally did go up right after 2nd shot and have stayed up, and not dropped, but I am not depending on my temps just used to doing it! I will let you know...scared to test b/c Im sure HCG is still in my system, so I am just waiting!!!


addie1717 - January 25

My temp went up the highest it has ever been this mornig! 98.91 Almost off my chart! Trying not to get to excited, but AF was due yesterday and still no sign of her! My RE said to wait a couple more days to test b/c the HCG is probably still in my system. Hopefully, AF stays away! I will keep you posted! : )~


pmblake - January 25

That's wonderful Addie! Please post to let me know if you get the BFP!! That's awesome. My temps are locked at 98... have been there for 3 days. I'm not sure how many dpo I am but I think it's 5. If that's so then I'm not concerned about my temp. At least it's not erratic all over the place. That drives me crazy. Good Luck Addie!


addie1717 - January 25

My temps were the same until the day after my 2nd shot...they were weird like I thought I didnt ovulate b/c they were pretty flat....I will let you know if I get BFP...fingers crossed!!!


pmblake - January 25

Addie, I re-read your originaly question and we are both literally in the same boat. I'm starting to question if I even Oed. Well, if I didn't than I'm in like an extremely low percentage of this happening to. You can almost bank an ovulation w/ a trigger shot.. big sigh. well I put in all my temps, etc into fertility friend and they're saying w/out much doubt that I O'd on Tuesday CD19. That wouldn't be good b/c we stop bding on the 18th. another big sigh.... Let me know about your test! One of has to have a success story out of this madness!



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