does charting your bbt chart really help
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kelly - July 6

i started charting my bbt chart about 2 months ago now and my temp stayed up for a very long time so i went the doctors to show my her my chart and she sed that they are not accuret i was gutted so i stopped charting but on this forum i hear that sum of ur gp or gyno say that it is a gud idea to chart ur bbt.i am so confused


kc - July 7

Charting works if you are regular and you chart for 3 to 6 months before relying on it for information. When your temperature goes up it is usually too late to bd since you already ovulated and it takes the sperm many hours to make the jouney to the egg. The egg only survives from 12 to 24 hours after ovulation. The charting can give you an idea of when you ovulate so in the months to come you can narrow down your fertile window. I hope this helps. lots of luck


Carrie - July 7

Hi Kelly - I charted my temps per my regular gyn's suggestion for about 5-6 months. When he referred me to a fertility specialist though, the specialist didn't want anything to do with the chart (said it wasn't reliable) but I continued charting. By charting, I first found out that I was in fact ovulating and then also realized that I was ovulating 4-5 days late in my cycles. So I learned that I wasn't fertile around the "typical" 14th day and therefore needed to try for pregnancy a few days later. I am now 13 weeks pregnant. Charting is a great indication of whether you are ovulating or not and also when you are ovulating. But different doctors have different opinions on its effectiveness. I hope I've helped you a little.


kelly - July 7

thank you ladies


MelissaS - July 8

Hi Kelly. I charted for 2 cycles and now (on my second cycle) am officially 4 weeks along. It's worth a try. Good luck. Check out these sites. (explains about charting) and (gives you a place to chart). Once again good luck!


kelly - July 8

congrats melissaS and thanks for ur advice.


LRK - July 10

I went off the pill, did not ttc for 3 months per doctor's suggestion, then on month 4 charted---cycle was a bit whacky still, but was able to tell when ovulating. The next month, had sex right before expected ovulation per chart, and voila! We are pretty lucky, but I also feel like we were stacking the odds in our favor by charting.



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