Does anyone recommend acupuncture when ttc?
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Justine - October 21

I've just been referred to an RE by my dr and when I received their infertility literature they discuss the benefits of acupuncture and offer it as part of their service. Does anyone know anything about how acupuncture is beneficial or has anyone used it and then got pg?


jcr - October 22

After doing an usucessful round of clomid and metformin, I have decided to do 3 months of only acupuncture and herbs. This will be my first cycle so it will be interesting to see if I ovulate. There is an amazing book called the infertility cure by Randine Lewis. I think you can search the internet and get a lot of information also. But I would highly recommend reading the book it is very interesting. I know I have spoken with a couple RE's that recommend doing int befor IVF. Good luck.


Justine - October 22

Thanks jcr, i'll check that book out. Did the acupuncturist recommend herbs or did you see somebody else for that? Once again thanks for your advice and good luck to you that this more natural treatment works.


jcr - October 22

I found an excellent acupuncturist, she was an ob in a leading shanghi hospital, but when she came to the US she couldn't get liscensed due to her english. She seems quite confident that she can get me pg. She helped a friend of ours that has pcos get pg within 3 months. She is the one that is giving me the herbs. Hopefully I will ovulate this month. The book is really interesting and quite inspiring. goodluck!



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