does anyone no about Vitex?
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B - January 20

i have jus ordered some Vitex as it has been know to improve fertility and its naturla vitamins and extracts...has anyone tried it and had success? thanx for any feed back


Stacie - January 26

I took vitex chasteberry it can also in some cases cause early menustration it did with me and messed my cycle dates up


B - January 26

but why would u take it if your cycle was already regular?


stacie - January 26

Because I AM SILLY I thought it would make me have that much more of a chance to get pregnant instead it messed me up and I did'nt conceive


B - January 26

oh ok hehe, how long ago was dat? have u managed to get pregnant yet?


Stacie - January 26

Not long just in December. I was al;so taking L-Argintine which supposely made bulls horny but didn't do crwap for me. I stopped taking everything and hoping Feb is the month


B - January 26

oh ok well good luck, i jus got vitex through the post this morning, but because i dunno when my period is due im kinda afriad to take it, cos it says not to take it during pregnancy. so i think i'll wait another a week or 2 and see if my period comes and if it dont a and pregnancy test comes back a BFN then i'll start the vitex and see if it works for me


stacie - January 26

good luck ! I decided to stop the home remeidies and just enjoy the process


B - January 26

good luck to you too, its a shame i cant sit back and enjoy it too :( too many things going on in my body, so if i sit back nothing will happen, but hopefully vitex will help :)


stacie - January 26

keep us posted ! Question. No one has answered. Do you know of women or is there one out there that there husbands sperm had low motility and density ,but still got pregnant w/out extraordinary measures. My hubby had a test showed sperm count ok not to high but not to low but density and motility was low. He had been taking alot of herbs and was told that will effect sperm so he hasn't taken anything in 4 months but also has not retested


B - January 27

sorry i dont no any men or read about any men in that condision. have u done a search on the net? on the net would be the best place to try and find stories of that kinda, do a search on a search engine...good luck


Megan - February 4

Yes, vitex is found in Fertile Aid for Women - I know of two ttc buddies who have conceived using Fertilaid. It appears that it works well!!!!!

Best wishes. Megan


Australia M - February 21

I have taken Vitex for 1 month. My cycles were all out of wack, 28,30,32,35 days. I just found out today I am pregnant. Call it a coincidence or was it Vitex. Keep your chin up and believe in nature.


Cutie - February 22

I have been posting my question about OVULEX and no one answered.... Ladys, have you used this product? Did it help? Any side effects? Thanks a lot.


hello - February 22

Vitex was the only thing that made me ovulate i love the stuff its great xxx


B - February 22

ive been taking the Vitex and i think it might have made me ovulate this month, only after a month of taking it, so i'll keep u posted if im miss my AF next moneth :oD Cutie: i havent even heard of that product, sorry i cant help. Try putting in a search online :)


Hope - February 22

I just joined this forum and guess what I have never received period in my life without taking hormone pills because my hormone level is very low. I am 29 and trying to conceive but I don't ovulate and sometimes I feel soo dissapointed and somehow different from all women. It is sooo sad to be like this. I am thinking to start with VITEX . Please, anyone similar experience. Please don't let me down...please comment :o( (Just for your information whenever I take pills I have my cycle in 28 days)



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