Does anyone know what this means??
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Julebells - October 24

Hey! I have been feeling tired, nausea(sp) and bp's having been hurting more and more........but I got my period on the 12th, but it was really really lite(unusual)and then stopped on the 14th. Then, that Sun after my hubby and I went to bd, I starting bleeding again, but it was just spotting and a lot of brown colored blood.
I started an ovulation kit 3 days ago, and everyday, it's shown up that I'm ovulating? Anyone know what this means? ...And, I have taken a pregnancy test on Fri, but it showed up Neg.


T - October 24

I think you are not supposed to be using first morning urine. Are you? I would talk to my dr about getting a prog test on day 20 to see if you ovulate.


me - October 25

Why are you using OPKs? They can actually detect the same hormone as a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy tst siad negative, then it could be an irregular period due to PCOS. Have you been diagnosed with that at all? If your LH is consistently high, then it may be PCOS, which can throw off your hormones levels and cause irregular bleeding. Check with your RE or dr. Good luck!


Julebells - October 25

Sorry.....I don't take to Ov. test in the morning.....and my periods are usually every 2 weeks. And I do have endometriosis and have had surgery for it this past April-that's why we're trying to get preggers.



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