does anyone know what strict morphology test is?
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jp - August 31

Hi, we are in our investigative cycle and with the sperm analysis they have also requested to have done a strict morphology. What is that does anyone know?


to jp - August 31

Greater than 30% normal forms is normal. Until a few years ago, the WHO (world health organization)required 50% normal forms to be considered normal. A “strict morphology” which excludes any sperm with even minor abnormalities from being considered normal was developed by a researcher named Thinus F. Kruger from South Africa while working with the infertility group at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk Virginia. Using the strict morphology if greater than 14% normal forms are identified then this is associated with a normal fertilization rate (70-80%) at In Vitro Fertilization, if 4-14% normal forms are identified there is a proportionate decrease in fertilization, and if less than 4% normal forms are identified then there is only a poor (7-8%) fertilization rate at IVF. Although advocates of the strict morphology claim it to have good predictive value in terms of fertilization at IVF, it has not been widely accepted by the infertility community as a standard test (at least in 2002).



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