does anyone know of...
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babybear - January 23

a reproductive endocronologist here in the dayton area?


Mega - January 23

Dayton, Ohio? If so I know there's the Kettering Hospital Fertility clinic. Google that for contact info. I actually live in Cincy, but I have lots of family & friends in C-ville so I hear the Kettering clinic's ads on the radio a lot. I think they may actually be the only fert. clinic in town. Good luck!


Mega - January 23

Just found this link for you of fert. clinics (of which REs would be a part of) in Ohio.
[Remove any dashes (-) that may get added to the URL] There are actually 2 in Dayton, Kettering Reproductive Arts & one affiliated with Miami Valley Hospital. Otherwise, if you don't mind a slightly longer drive, I go to Center for Reproductive Health in Cincy. The main office is part of Christ Hospital, but they have a branch office in West Chester. Good luck!



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