Does anyone know how to contact Cheri for a prediction?
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Mega - March 24

Crystal--Wishing you lots of LUCK & TONS and TONS of baby dust! :)


Dee - March 24

hi ladies. i came in here yesterday because another girl had mentioned talking to Cheri before and thought i might give her a try. she e-mailed me back and said i should get pregnant in 7 months with a boy, but that i'll probably need fertility help. i sure hope she's right!! even if she's not, it is kind of giving me something to look forward to. good luck to all of you!! :o)


Mega - March 24

Dee--Good luck! 7 mos. will be here before we know it. I hope her prediction comes true. That'll be the fun part--tracking how accurate the predictions are.


NiNa - March 27

I asked her and she had told me that I had no problems concieving and could probably concieve in my sleep. She said give it 3 months and a girl. Well this is my second time trying. What do you guys think?


Dee - March 27

thanks Mega. i know it's not to long...especially since we've already been trying for over 2 yrs-7months is nothing compared to that! :o) i sure hope she's right though...i've been told by a few other friends that they think this will be my year so i'm crossing fingers & toes. have you talked to her...if so what did she predict for you? well i hope that all of her predictions come true for us. good luck to all and keep us posted on if your prediction came out to be true!


Mega - March 27

I'll keep my fingers' crossed, Dee, that Cheri's prediction happens for you in 7 mos., or less! I emailed her about a month ago too just for fun & b/c I really needed some renewed hope. She said something happens in April, either I get PG or get answers I need. And she thinks I'm going to have a boy, which is really funny b/c I keep on dreaming about a boy & my cousin keeps dreaming I have a boy too. I'll definitely will keep you guys posted on how accurate Cheri was for me. :)


ROBYN - March 27

Hi, I also contacted Cheri. She emailed me back in 2 days and told me July and a Girl it wont be much longer!!! It might make sense since we just started Clomid this month and maybe just a few more months. We will see.


Sally - March 28

Hi girls, Well i got my answer and she said we will need help. Im having a LAP in May and she said we will get answers in 7 months! So not sure what that means but i have put the date in my diary. Keep in touch girls and give us all your news!!!! Good luck everyone . x


cmarie - March 28

ok girls. I hope you dont mind me joining you. I got curious and I to e-mailed Cheri yesterday. I told her my whole story. Delivered my daughter June 2005 at 27 weeks due to a cystic hygroma (she had Turner's Syndrome). No my hubby and I are on our first month of clomid and desperately wanting a child. I have to say that all of you have been very encouraging. As sad as it is, it is nice to know you are not alone. Thank you. Byt the way, I sent Cheri an e-mail yesterday do you know how long it usually takes for a response?


Mega - March 28

Cmarie--welcome! It usually takes a day or 2 for Cheri to get back to you, esp. now that I'm sure a lot of people from this board (& probably others) are emailing her for predictions. I'll be eager to see what she says for you. Good luck!


kelley32 - March 29

All I have to say is WOW, Cheri really freaked me out ... she told me that I would conceive my son within the next 2 months, and asked if my daughter has blonde shoulder length hair (she does). The only info that I gave her was my first name, birthday and amount of time I have been TTC. She is awesome!!!


jessi - March 29

Hi Ladies!!! I hope you all don't mind me joining you. I emailed Cheri today and told her my story. Hopefully I will hear from her soon. I will keep checking in on everyone!!! Good Luck and Baby Dust to all!!!


cmarie - March 29

kelley32-that is awesome! your going to have a boy! I am glad to hear she is dso accurate. I am still waiting patiently(ok not so patiently-Im dying to know). But I cant wait to tell you all what she says.... I hope she isnt taking this long because it is bad news... can you tell I am a worry wart?!


Amanda - March 29

did you all give her your last name or only first name?? thanks


cmarie - March 29

I gave her my first name but on my signature on the e-mail is says my first and last. Is that bad?


Amanda - March 29

i dont know if that is bad or not.. i didnt give her my last name .. i just emailed her .. when she emails me back ill let you know what she said to me



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