Does anyone know anything about Robitussin???
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Binx - June 21

I heard that if you take Robitussin while TTC it thins the mucus making it easier for the sperm to swim up. Has anyone heard anything about this? I don't know if it is an old wives tale, but at this point I am willing to try anything!


Nancy - June 21

I think that is true.....i've read a lot about robitussin, if your not producing an egg white texture of CM maybe you could give it a try.


Nancy - June 21

here is what i researched about robitussin.....http://www.babyhopes.c
to this link maybe it will answer your question.


Binx - June 21

Thanks Nancy for your help. I visited the website...very informative.


to binx - June 21

Hello, i tired this month the robitussin thing since i have problems with dryness. I've been on the pill for many years and I'm 39 so i was told when i went off the pill thats probably why.Anyways i took 2 tsp 3x/day (twice if i forgot the mid day one) and it really did make a difference. Dont get anything other than one with just guifinnesin as the main ingredient (no expectorants with dextromethorpin (whatever it is dm on the label). good not sure if i'm pregnant this month i'll know in a week or so.


kc - June 21

Binx- Robitussin does work to thin down the mucus, infact ovulex contains guaifenesin which is in robitussin. I have used it and it does work. I used double the dosage and I noticed a significant difference in my cm. If you decide to use robitussin, make sure you use the type with no letters after the name. Dextromethorphan can cause birth defects. Good Luck.


DW - June 21

I used it this month and I think I am pregnant! I would try it if I were you!


Cutie - June 21

kc, I didnt know that ovulex had guaifenesin in it, but I can tell you girlz, that it did help me with cm as well. :) Also I bought pre seed and use it only on the ovulation days :)


Joe - December 8

Yes it is true.



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