Does anyone know about Profasi?
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Ina - January 13

Hi, I have been trying to have a baby for two years. No luck. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, but it was removed 2 months ago. Now my doctor does ultrasound every month around the time that we suspect I will ovulate, and he then injects me with Profasi whe he thinks the follicles are big and almost ready to be release from the ovary. Apparently the Profasi almost "enforces" this process to happen, so my changes are better to conceive within 18 hours after inection. However, I think this is overstimulating me because now I have a large cyst in one ovary (clearly visible as a big black spec on the ultrasound). Does anyone know if Profasi really works, if this could possibly not be detrimental to me? I trust my doctor, but I'm concerned nevertheless.


Ina - January 14

O.k., Self, nobody has answered you in a day, so I guess you're pretty much on your own in this world, with your problem being unique. Heads up, I WILL not give in! I SHALL keep trying for as long as I have reproductive organs!! Many babies, you will be mine! Husband, come hither!


kathy - January 20

I was had that happen to me last month which was my first month for the shots! After my ovulation time, I was in great discomfort and my doctor told me that my ovary was overstimulated by the shot. Well, a week later, apparently I didn't release the egg from my rightside and it formed a cyst.

My doctor told me that just because this happened one month, that doesn't mean it will happen on your next cycle.
Mean while the cyst did go done with my period, so the discomfort was minor after that.

With the next cycle, I was ovulating from the other side & the shot works on that side, without a hitch!
Even if I do not conceive this month, I did feel much better this month!


Ina - January 20

Kathy, thanks a mill! I am so relieved to hear from you! I was tossing and turning about this issue for days, it drove me nuts (which you can probably tell from my previous post to myself)! I really worried about that cyst that I saw on the screen the last time. I am due to go in for examination again next week wednesday and thereafter another shot probably around friday. So you've just made me very hopeful that my cyst will probably be gone! I sincerely hope this treatment will work for us! I would gladly have all the other symptoms of Profasi injections (like nausea and whatever) but please God no cysts, they freak me out! (Probably because I have the endometriosis history.) Good luck to you! Keep me posted after every shot, and I will do the same.



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