Does anyone know about illness affecting sperm analysis
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isa - August 19

if dh had low motility on his sperm test and 2 weeks later ends up having an emergency appendectomy could the test have been impaired by the impending illness? I read that the flu can affect sperm but how about this? I know i'm grasping at straws but anyone know? I did read you have to wait 6 weeks before you can repeat it as it would be from the same sperm lot. Anyone able to shed some light?


Lena - August 19

Unless he had an extended high fever before the test, then no, the appendectomy had not effect on his motility. The reason the flu effects sperm is that the high temperatures of the fever can kill sperm, and an extended fever over 45 days can cause sterility. Sperm isn't produced in "lots". Spermatogenesis is a continual process with the sperm dividing themselves into two cells. One cell goes will be ejaculated while the other cell will "loop around" and become the next generation of sperm cells that divide itself. This loop around process takes approximately 45 days (or 6 wks). When you have a high fever, the cells that are dividing can be killed off causing a higher percentage of dead sperm in the ejac. The other half of these cells, the cells that loop back, can also be killed, which can perm reduce the motility of subsequent ejacs. An extended fever over 45 days can cause complete sterility.


isa - August 19

Lena -thanx i was hopeing but i guess not. I still cannot find anywhere to read up on low motility and what we might be able to do to improve it or if it can be improved. what are chances are with different procedures etc etc.i dont want to waste money on procedures if the numbers are extrememly low and pretty improbable. ugh who knew this could get so complicated.


Lena - August 19

Unfortunately their is no cure for low motility, but there are ways to maximize your opportunities for becoming pregnant. The first course of treatment would be IUI, which deposits sperm through your cervix and directly into the uterus. The other alternative would by IVF. Obviously IUI is much cheaper. The difference being a few hundred vs a few thousand dollars per attempt. I am pregnant via IUI. Its painless, easy,and quick. I went at lunchtime for my u/s and procedures and no one in my lab was wiser. They just thought I was meeting friends for lunch.


isa - August 19

Lena, congratulations!! How many iui's did you have to have (or do they call them cycles) before you became pregnant and can i ask you why you went that route? We are taking docs advice and trying at least 3 more natural cycles and see what happens.



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