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matzgrl - October 10

I've been advised to get my dh checked out before I start worrying too badly about myself. Is anyone familiar with the at-home sperm test kits? Are these over-the-counter tests reputable, or should he be tested by the dr.?


gmh - October 10

I have not heard anything about the at home kits but I would do the Dr. it really is not a big deal.. and if you live close enough t within 20min -30min of the office you can do it at home and bring it in. It is easyer then anything you have to do so yes get him tested before you start with you.


marymo - October 10

Ive heard the at home tests are not as accurate and dont give all the information that you need. Your better off going to the Drs office and having it done. My husband went three times, it really wasnt a big deal to him. Good luck.


Lin - October 10

My husband tried an at-home test, but it didn't work like the directions said. There was a blue dye that seemed to take much longer than the time in the instructions to soak into the test, and I think the test may have been expired, though it didn't have a date stamped on it. If you're going to try one, I suggest making sure it's got a good date on it first!


annahoban7 - October 10

We did the at home tests for men twice. Both times the results were the same as what the lab came up with so we think they are very reliable. They don't give you an exact sperm count but if used properly they can tell you if maybe he should go to the doctor. Each box contains 2 tests and they suggest that your DH take them a week apart for the most accurate results.



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