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tanner789 - March 23

why my estradiol level would start decreasing right in the middle of my med cycle. i was on clomid and gonal f this month and on cd 10 everything was great my estradiol level was perfect, i had follies growing, and then today they told me my estradiol level had dropped about 200, what could this mean. they told me they like to see the number increase until ovulaiton occurs(which isnt yet) today is cd 12, can anyone help or seen this happen b4???????


lovemy3 - March 23

Tanner, what was your estradiol on cd10 when it was good and then what did it drop too?


thayward7 - March 23

Hey. That happened to me and that cycle ended up being cancelled because they said the egg wouldn't be viable. My RE said that can happen if you have a cyst - because the cyst will "suck up" hormones. A polyp can also cause weird things. They never did get to the bottom of WHY it happened to me, but I have a laparoscopy scheduled for next month. Maybe that'll give me some answers. I did have a "regular" cycle right after that stunted one, where all the hormones did what they should - but still not pregnant. I was on Clomid and Repronex (injectable) for both cycles. Hope it all works out for you! Good Luck! T P.S. Was the amount of Gonal F reduced/stopped just before the hormone drop? That's when it happened to me.


tanner789 - March 24

lovemy3-my estradiol level on cd 10 was at 300-somthing which they stated was perfect, today it dropped to 128 still with 4 follies on right below 10mm and left 2-bordering 10mm, i had no change in my dosage amount it has been at 37.5 from the start and has not been stopped as they are still having me continue thru the weekend hoping for a change on mon with the bw, but can this even happen drop then rise again, since the nurse did state that ur estradiol level should rise til ovulation(which hasnt happened for me) and they ddint mention any cyst-still confused



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