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wantingmorebabies - July 28

Well, I just got back from my Dr's appointment and we found out that I am not ovulating on the 50mg of Clomid and my DH's count came back at 5 million (low) as opposed to 50-150 million (normal limits). I am going to have to wait for AF again and/or do the Provera thing again because my cycles are not regular and then he is going to up my dose to 100mg of Clomid. The Dr said that we will only do 3 rounds total 50mg, 100mg, and 150mg, after that I have to go to a clinic in Lubbock, Texas for further procedures which included IUI. My questions are: Does anyone know the average cost of IUI (my insurance does not cover ART). Does anyone know of any success stories with this procedure - what exactly do I have to look forward to? Do they inject the sperm in with some kind of syringe or do the extract an egg and fertilize it? I am not sure what to expect. Please any advice or tips are welcomed and If someone out there is going through or has already gone through this will you please tell me what I am in for.


slowpoke01 - July 28

wnatingmorebabies-the iui cost me 218.00 plus probably about 150.00 or 200.00 to wash dh's sperm. they put a speculum in just like a pap then they take this little flexible catherdar and put that up into your uterus. they have the sperm in a surynge and just push it through the cathader into your uterus. it doesnt hurt at all. also they may do follicle monitoring and hcg trigger shot. depends on what you and the doctor decide. if you decide to do follicle monitoring they will have you come in on day 3 of you cycle and check and see how big follicles are and how many. then you will come back on day 10 of your cycle and they will see how much they have grown. then you may have to go back on day 12 of your cycle and have the trigger shot to make your ovulate and then the next day they will do the iui. the follicle monitoring they will do that with ultrasound. but they could either do vaginal or abdominal ultrasound depends on how good they can see with the abdominal.


isa - July 29

further info from what slowpoke says, your dh's count will fluctuate month to month. As long as after they wash it he is above 1-2million you can still do iui's, otherwise you may end up doing ivf with icsi (sperm put into the egg). My iui's were $400 (2 back to back , 1 day after the other, and included sperm wash and prep). Mine were sometimes a little painful but depending on which doc did it. The female was a littel more gentle. If you dh is sick or has been in the last 3 months it may count for his lower #'s. Also , motility is more important that count because if they cant swim it doesnt matter how many you have. Make sure you check his motility also. I've also been told 1 sperm analysis really means nothing. You need at least 2, and I think it is 3 months apart to see how similar they are. Make sure he isnt drinking, smoking both which can lower counts and certain meds can also affect his fertility as can a verosocoles (sp?)- just google it and read up on it. You can know if he has one of those by an ultrasound. Make sure on clomid you get monitoring for you lining as clomid side effect most common is a thin lining (happened to me on 100mg and 50mg) and they had to supplement me with estrogen to thicken it so that if i got pregnant the lining would be thick enough to hold the pregnancy. Good luck



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