Does anyone know
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Trying - January 6

No sperm present in ejaculate. Hubbie had a large varicocele vien removed recently. Will he be able to produce sperm now? Does varicocele veins stop the flow of sperm? Does anyone know? Help! We have been trying to conceive for 6 months with no luck.


Mega - January 6

Hi. I'm sorry I don't personally know much about this at all. But I did find this site which might help answer a couple questions for you.
I hope this helps! Good luck. Baby dust!!


me - January 7

I believe there are ways of taking immature sperm cells directly from the testes and maturing them. After they mature you can get them injected into an egg that was harvested and injected through IVF. Don't quote me on that, but I read it in one of the infertility books. Double check with your dr and see what other options you may have with your situation. Sometimes a variocele can impede fertility, but not always. Try to stay positive, since 6 months is not too long to be trying, but I understand your concern because of your situation. When in doubt, ask your dr all your questions. Best of luck to you!



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