does anyone knew how to bring on AF ?
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ann - March 22

yeah-it seems strange but i need my af to come !!!!!. i am already 9 days late. have brown spotting for days so i knew it will be here. but i need it now. so i can strart day 3 testing ! anyone knew how to bring menstruation on ? ---oh no. i am not pregnant, took a blood test ,-bfn


Mega - March 22

Provera/Prometrium should bring on AF. I've had to use that several times myself. You'll have to get a script from your dr. Typically you take the pills for 7 to 10 days & AF usually comes a couple of days after your last pill. I myself prefer Prometrium, it's natural progesterone, rather than the synthetic Provera, but either work pretty well. Good luck. HTH. And good luck with your CD 3 testing as well.


Katt - March 22

Have you tried just having sex?


deb - March 23

i hear parsley works....boil water -add chopped parsley-wait 30 minutes-then drink it !


Maren - March 23

A nice hot bath sometimes works.


kim - March 23

I have tried black cohosh and eating lots of soy, because soy has natural plant estrogens and progestrogens in it. They have pills for menopause, like estroven, or New Phase, they work well for me. But, my cycles actually will skip a few months, so don't know if it will work for someone who is just a little late.


kim - March 23

Forgot to say that these pills are for menopause, but they actually treat hormonal imbalances (that menopausal women also have). I am 28, so not in menopause and they do work well for me.



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