does anyone have right leg upper thigh pain ?
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kathy - October 5

does anyone have right upper thigh leg pain when af is to arrive ? is it normal or can it be a cycst or something ?-any advice will be so great !


Mega - October 5

Hi Kathy. Is this upper thigh pain a new development for you? If it is & if it's bothersome it would certainly be best to check with your dr. The only time I've ever really noticed upper thigh pain is when I took Provera one time to induce AF. I asked my dr & she said it wasn't anything to worry about. But it's still worth checking, I'd say. Good luck!


CC - October 5

Hi Kathy..A lot of times before AF I get pain in my outsides of both of my thighs..Its not really a painful pain if that makes sense, sort of a nagging pain that doesnt last long (maybe comes and goes for a few hours) I never think much of it and I have had it for years. Dont know if its normal, but seems normal for me anyway. Good luck!


For Kathy... From bluebaby01 - October 5

Hi Kathy. I get pains like that but are cosidered psyatic nerve pain. You might be experiencing something like that. Maybe if you have been sleeping differently or have been doing alot of extra work like lifting or anything like that. Maybe not... but its a thought.


kathy - October 6

thanks girls -with all your thoughts---i hope it is nothing. i get it all the time before af-i am 5 days late for af this month-took hpt-it was negative but my right thigh still has a dull ache once in a while. this ache tells me when af is to start but nothing.....i am worried it was a cyst. since i ahd them years ago and now i am too scared to face reality. i guess like everyone else i wanted that bfp.



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