does anyone have endometriosis?
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kathy - February 17

hi i was just diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis on my left ovary. my doctor wants to keep an eye on it for a bit but i just feel really sad. what are my treatment options for endometriosis? can i get pregnant with endometriosis ? any stories to share would be great ! thanks


Ann - February 17

Hi kathy. I had endo, too. They can do a laparoscopy to remove the endo or give you a drug called Lupron (I think it is). My dr recommends a lap if possible if you are trying to get pg--much faster and it won't stay in your system. You can still get pg!!


kathy - February 17

thanks ann---i went in today for another ultrasound-and on tuesday tuesday they want me to go in for x-rays on my abdommin---and another ultrasound --do you have any idea why they also want the x-ray done?


roxyttandme - February 17

Kathy- I just went to the Doc's yest and the doc told me really there is nothing else that I could have. All my symtoms support pretty much only endrometreosis. I have exploratory surgery to schedule today. They want to be 100% sure, I guess. I have all these questions with no answers. I have read so much conflicting reports about the disorder, I dont know which is true. I dont know which to believe. Some say we have a 70% chance of getting preg, other say only 30-40%. What does that mean? Come on! Let s get accurate. Do you have constant pain? Cause, I pretty much do. It happens randomly throughout the day. Soemtime in my back, sometimes in my pelvis. Who knows?


Ann - February 17

kathy, I have no idea why they would want to x-ray you. It may be to diagnose or get info on the PCOS. I am pretty sure you can't see endo on an x-ray. I had no symptoms at all--they just saw what they thought was a cyst that wouldn't go away on an u/s, and then I had the lap. The statistics are all over the place on endo, but to greatly improve your chances of ttc, you should definitely get rid of the endo. My RE told me that most of his patients have endo and most get pg. It is a somewhat mysterious condition. roxyttandme, are you getting a lap?


kathy - February 17

yeah--this x-ray thing is kinda weird to me. they took one today but said that my intestines were to backed up and to go in on tuesday again..and they told me to take many laxatives. this stuff just worries me all !


kathy - February 17

ohhh--i forgot to ask-is laporoscopy painful ? what is it like ? what is recovery like ?


Ann - February 17

No, the lap isn't bad at all. You are totally asleep and the tiny incision sites are not very painful at all after the surgery. The anesthetic made me really sick, but it would've been very easy had that not happened. Some people have pain from the gas, too, but I couldn't feel that at all. They put gas in your abdomen so they can see everything. Have you had the hsg?


Ann - February 17

What kind of x-ray is it? Did you have to drink anything before it?


roxyttandme - February 17

I will be having the lapo next week. I am sooo scared about it. Do you know what the deal is with having children? what are the odds? I have read so many different percentages on this. I have been crying my self to sleep at night over this. please respond. thanks!


Ann - February 17

roxy, don't stress about the lap. It is not bad at all. You just go to sleep and it is over soon. I've read a lot on endo and it is a conditions that drs don't really fully understand. I think the odds of getting pg depend on how bad the endo is, how long you've had it, and if you have any other fertility issues besides endo. Don't worry about the statistics. Just try everything you can to get pg. Do you have any other ttc issues?


kathy - February 18

no-i have had an hsg yet because they want to figure out my monthly cycle.i have crazy cycles .--oh and no they did not want me to drink anything before the x-ray. but i wonder why they want this x-ray of my abdomen-ovary area?


deb - February 20

can you find out you have endo from a simple transvaginal ultrasound or what other exams do they have to do until you are diagnosed with endo ?


Melissa - February 20

Hi! I've been keeping an eye on this thread. I was diagnosed with endo this past fall when I had my 1st lap. DH & I have been trying to conceive 2 1/2 yrs. To answer your question Deb-no, endo cannot be diagnosed by a vaginal ultrasound. I have heard this from my doctors & the ultrasound tech lady. In fact based off my first ultrasound done at the same time as the HSG, I would have been dx with cysts & polycystic ovaries. All my endo was looking like cysts. The lap is NOT scary at all...and I am the world's biggest chicken when it comes to doctors, needles, hospitals...all of it. It was my first surgery & my experience was not negative at all.


jg - February 21

Hi everyone, The trouble with endo is that it can form into cysts that block tubes, and create unfavourable conditions for fertilisation and implantation. I had years of trouble, during which I had 4 laparoscopies to remove Stage IV endo. I had a transvaginal ultrasound which showed no endo, then when they did the laparoscopy they were shocked by the extent of it, so bad that they only investigated in that operation, and scheduled another one to try and deal with it. I did not fall pregnant until every last bit of it was removed (a couple of op's later!) and I went on Lupron to shut my ovaries down so that the endo would not return. Eight months later I got pregnant as soon as I got my first period. Many people have endo and don't even know about it, and it does not stop them from getting pregnant, unfortunately others like me experience years of trouble in trying to conceive because of it. It really is an individual thing, and although laparoscopies aren't exactly a fun experience, the benefits definately are worth a few days of discomfort. My son is eight months old now and I just know that the endo is back for me already, so my appointment is booked to go back soon and have another laparoscopy to deal with it, so that we can hopefully get pregnant again. Good luck.


Melissa - February 21

JG-Your post gives me SO much hope! Next month I should be given the okay to go off my bcp treatment and start trying again. DH & I have not been able to try since Sept. 05 due to the lap & bcp, and I am soooooo anxious to start trying again. I am hoping we are able to get pregnant as fast as you were after treatment! Thanks for sharing your story!


liz - February 21

what are the tests that are involved untill you get the news that it is endometriosis and not regular cysts from PCOS.---girls the only thing i knew is that with all this medical advancement ---there is hope !



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