Does anyone have elevated FSH level? I feel doomed :(
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Kelly - July 5

Hi, I found out today that I have an elevated FSH level (19). The doc said I could still get pregnant, but I am at a higher risk of miscarriage and need to try IUI instead of what I am doing (clomid and timed intercourse). I feel like I am doomed and to just give up! Does anyone else out there have an FSH problem?


merlee - July 5

Kelly, Hi. I don't have an FSH problem but I have been doing a lot of research on herbs. There are several herbs that are supposed to help lower FSH and help with all hormone levels. I didn't pay much attention to the ones that were for FSH b/c that is not my problem but I will try to find a web site for you. Can I ask how old you are? High FSH levels indicate perimenipause. But if you are not at that age maybe your hormones are just out of wack and need some fine tuning.


Kelly - July 5

Hi Merlee, I am 37. So, unfortunately premenoupause would not be unlikely for me. If you find the website please let me know because I may consider taking an herb. How old are you? Are you having some hormone trouble? I hope that you don't mind me asking :)



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