does anyone have a long cycle
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KSM - October 7

i am on day 22 and have been taking ovulation tests for a while now. i have not gotten a positive. has anyone ever just not ovulated? why would that happen? last month my cycle was 34 days. long enough. i don't know why it's so long and getting longer


Mega - October 7

Hey KSM. Did you just get off BCP? Maybe your cycle is trying to regular after the pill? And it's perfectly normal to skip ovulation once in a while. And some people are just late ovulators. Or maybe you have a thyroid problem or PCOS. If this is a pattern that keeps continuing, definitely see your OB or a RE. After coming off of the patch I noticed each successive cycle would get longer & longer til I was 56 days into a cycle. My OB ran some blood tests, put me on Provera to induce AF & said I have PCOS and wasn't ovulating on my own. That's my story, a lot of women on this board have similar stories too. If you went off BC just a month or two ago, you might want to wait another cycle or two, but I wouldn't wait any longer than that. Hang in there. I hope you don't have to go through the pcos roller coaster but if you do, you're not alone & there's still hope. Good luck!


KSM - October 7

thanks Mega, i have been off the pill since april. i have had pretty regular periods since then. i don't know if i have been ovulating b/c this is the first month that i have been testing. the previous months i have had a lot of cramping around when i thought i should have been ovulating. this month i have had spuratic cramping for the past week and a half. i was at my ob on monday he said my right ovary was larger and should be ovulating from that one soon. he didn't say he thought there were any problems. what is PCOS?


stef - October 7

I used to have really long cycles too. They range b/w 32 and 47 days. I've been off my pill since january. I was also to confirmed with pcos. thats polycyctic overian syndrom. it cause hormonal imbalances and can effect your length of your cycles. 34 is normal anything over 36 your not ovulating. my dr also put me on provera to induce af. and then started me on metformin and within weeks i was pregnant.


Mega - October 7

Stef--you got PG on just Metformin? That's great! Congrats. Have a happy & healthy 9 mos. KSM--Sounds like you're being monitored pretty well so it doesn't sound like PCOS is your problem. If OPKs don't work for you, maybe you can try charting your bbt upon waking up. Try that next cycle, it's kind of pain but it's a great way to make sure you are ovulating. It won't tell you when you're about to O, but it will show you after the fact.


KSM - October 7

is PCOS something that you have to test for, or would your doctor find it with a normal check? can you have this is you have already been pregnant?


Krista - October 8

Hi KSM, i went off the pill this last May and my first and second cycles were 38 and then 41 days. now i'm waiting for af to show for my third cycle. so i havent had a period since the end of JULY!!! i'm on cd 73! something is wrong. i went to my family dr and he referred me to an ob/gyn to get me started on provera and clomid since i have a history of not having periods. i see my ob/gyn for the first time on friday. i'm scared its going to be bad news and she wont start me on clomid. i dont see the sense in waiting since i dont get my period. obviously my body isnt fixing itself. i guess i'll just have to be patient at least for all the test she'll do before starting me on anything. i've been charting my bbt too and its all over the place so i'm clearly not ovulating. i'm so frustrated! try not to worry about the long cycles i think its pretty typical for that to happen.


Gina - October 8

Krista, i know exactly how you feel. dh and i have been ttc for 2 yrs, and before sept 14 (last period) i was on cd 121!! Ive never had a "regular" cycle either. I went to see my ob aug 31st who confirmed that i had PCOS and i took progesterone and clomid this month. Im on cd 25 and waiting. I think i may have O last week but not sure, temps are still low and no real shift. we are bding every other day so we dont miss O. Good luck with your visit on friday. KSM, PCOS can be diagnosed by an ultra sound, various blood test and a physical exam with an OB. Usually if you have a history of "irregular" periods. and have at least 2 other symptoms of pcos they will do tests. I was just diagnosed, it was kinda heart breaking to find the cause of my dh and i not conceiving, but the support from this fourum ( and my dh of course) really has helped. there are many websites that you can read up on pcos. heres one:
congrats on the BFP!! Good luck to you all.


Mindi - October 8

KSM- I have a 34 day cycle, and ovulate around day 20; which would be the 14th day of my cycle. You can ovulate much later as well. Good luck!


Karen - October 9

Hi! I have long cycles also. Usually about 37 days. How long should I use the OPK sticks? Today is day number 17 so I generally start testing today according to package directions.


Gina - October 9

Karen, you should use the date of your shortest cycle in the last few months. if you are 37 every month then you should start testing around the 20th. ( if i were you i would start just where u are and continue testing thru the 27th.) I hope this helps. My periods are never that on time lol. I took clomid this month and im on cd 26. temps been rising last 4 days. i hope this is the month. good luck to you.


Karen - October 9

Thank for the info Gina! This is so annoying and confusing. Is it possible to ovulate early but still have a long cycle?


Gina` - October 9

Its possible. all women are different. You are more likely to ovulate early if your using a fertility drug. Like i said my af is long also but this month on clomid i O'd on cd11.


me - October 9

To confuse you even more...I have regular 28 day cycles with periods every time and do not ovulate. Go fig. My temps never rise, nor do they stay elevated if I do get a spiked temp one day. Like the other women said, anything is possible and all women are different. I would keep bding until you either get a positive OPK or your period. Good luck!


Robin - October 10

Hey KSM. I have been ttc since I got off bcp in March. My periods have been getting progressively longer starting with big jumps my last two cycles. After I got off bcp, my cycles were around 30 days, then 31, then 33, then 34, then last month 42 and I just got AF Saturday on cd47!!! I just feel like my body is trying to tell me something so I am going to my ob/gyn on Oct. 18th to see whats up. I'll come back and let everyone know what he says. Good luck to you and thanks to all the ladies with info. Everyone IS different, but it always helps to have knowledge. ~~baby dust~~



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