Does anyone have 52-55 day cycle?? Help!
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mrose - January 19

I was wondering if anyones cycle was ever this long. Seems the past few times mine has been about 52 days long. Just wondering if anyone conceived like this or if they HAD to take some sort of fertility drug...any advice or stories would be great! Thanks! Baby Dust to all!


kerri - January 19

long periods could be a sign on Polycycsitc Ovarian syndrome---that's what I have and the doctors dx with an ultrasound. I'd talk to the doctor about it


mrose - January 20

kerri, is it still possible to conceive with that? I'm going to the doctor on Feb. 10th for my yearly exam and will ask her to test me for that then....I hope that's not what it is...thanks for the reply though :-)


Kerri - January 20

Yes it is! In fact, I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first child....a healthy little girl, we just got to see the sonogram a few days ago. My periods were anywhere from 33-46 days. Don't worry it WILL happen! Good Luck!


mrose - January 20

kerri, thanks for the reply! That gives me a lot more hope now. Congratulations! :-) If you don't mind my asking, how long were you ttc before you became preg? And were you taking any medications? Thanks again!


MuzikGurl - January 20

mrose, don't be frightened I recently had a 76 days cycle....and for some odd reason one day I started my AF...I wasn't on any meds. I recently went to the ob/gyn yesterday and he looked at my BBT chart I was taking starting on CD46 and he said I did ovulate like a week before my AF came...I didn't know I did! but, now I'm suppossed to ovulate real soon again but my temps aren't showing it so he gave me clomid to take on CD8 after my next period...I'm currently on CD16. Don't give up dr. told me as long as I don't go over 90 days then it's nothing to worry about since I have PCOS and irrgular cycles are a normal thing for women with PCOS. Have u been diagnosed with PCOS yet? I'm assuming u haven't maye you should request to be tested for it from your ob/gyn. Like they say u can ovulate without a period but you can't have a period without ovulating..or so I was told by someone on here. Could be wrong. Anyways..good luck!


Kerri - January 21

We tcc for 9 months---saw Dr at 7 months, had HSG done to make sure path was clear and doctor ran blood tests on me. Everything came back within normal limits, except I had higher than normal testosterone levels and slight insulin resistance. Doctor put me on Clomid b/c DH and I had a time line before we loose our insurance...CLomid did nothing for me---I temped and did OPK, then on CD 31 I ovulated and be bd'd all around that time, then dr put me on Metformin 1000mg after O for the high testosterone and I got my first BFP at cd 46---I'm still taking the Metformin and will continue it through out the whole pregnancy. I'm a true believer in it if you have PCOS and a true believer in the power of prayer! Hope your doctor is willing to run the tests and I hope that you have insurance :) PS...I think it's suppossed to be you CAN have a period without ovulating, but you CAN'T ovulate without having a period!


mrose - January 21

Thank you guys for all your advice, I really appreciate it. No, I have not been diagnosed with anything as of yet, I have an appt on the 10th of Feb(my birthday of all days) and I guess we will go from there. Unfortunatley no we do not have insurance. I am a photographer, I have my own business, so no insurance there. And my husbands job does not offer insurance....he is looking into a new job, better pay and benefits, and closer to home. We'll cross our fingers for that one. If not, we will look into blue cross. Do either of you know if there are any symptons with PCOS? Last year in July my old gyn ran test on me, was suspose to run test on my thyroids, but ran test on everything else...swore up and down I was a diabetic(the doctor did) but I was not, blood sugar and everythign was fine. Don't know about the thyroid, the main thing I was suspose to be tested for, b/c I was not tested for it....I do know that my body has too much estrogen...don't know if that means anything though. I had to come off birth control a couple years ago b/c I would get really bad migrains. Anyway, thank you guys so much and baby dust :-)


MuzikGurl - January 22

Mrose, that's one key if you have too much estrogen more than likely u don't have PCOS cause women with PCOS seem to have too much testostrone and antigens and not enough estrogen. estrogen produces progestrone which in turn makes you have a period. sometimes women if PCOS are overweight with most weight around the stomach lower areas, and often times fat cells hold the estrogen and doesn't release it so you can make progestrone and eventually over time ur progestrone levels get really low or almost nonexsistant in turn no period comes or comes very VERY late. That's why many drs. tell women who are overweight and are missing periods alot need to go on a low carb diet and often times the dr. will prescribe Metformin(one of many out there), to help their sugar level intake and sometimes it will help you learn what foods to eat while taking it like high in protein foods and not so much greasey foods otherwise u can get very sick like diahrrea, nausea, cramping, not very good at all. And sometimes after about a month of metformin you're period should come back...Metformin usually help regulate it because it helps ur fat cells release the estrogen so the progestrone can do it's thing. If the dr. after a couple ultrasounds finds out u are not ovulating then they will often prescribe Clomid (among others out there). Clomid is often taken after you had ur period usually within the first week of ur cycle for 5 days and is usually started in 50mgs. and every month if ur body didn't respond to the mgs. that was given then the dr. usually increases it by another 50mgs. up until you get to 150 to 250mgs. it is not permitted to go over 250mgs. cause it is unsafe on the body itself and while being on clomid your dr. should (many don't...mine didn't that's why I changed drs.) monitor you usually do blood work on ur 21st day of your cycle or ultrasound...since Clomid is known to cause cysts or more if cysts if you already have them. If Clomid doesn't work and you're body is not responding positive to any of the above measures usually the next step is infections or more drastic measure are taken in order to get pregnant and even after all has been done and you still don't get pregnant then only option is adoption (sadly but, also fortunate). Before taking clomid or any medications even if your dr. hasn't told you or asked you make sure your partner (husband or boyfriend or boy toy or friend with benefit or whatever you call your "man") is a-o-k downunder. Usually this is done by a semen analysis (ie; man cums in a cup). Well, I guess I've said enough good luck and let us know how it goes! take care!


mrose - January 23

muzikgirl thank you for your information. It helped explain a lot of things. I still have no AF, but three BFN....and on top of that, my temp dropped. I read somewhere that if your temp drops, your AF is on the way. So I guess we will give it a break until I talk to the doctor on the 10th. Not that far away. I am somewhat overweight, not sure how much. My old gyn wanted me to lose 15lbs, but well that hasn't happened. I need to really start trying to lose weight now that we are really ttc. Can you be put on metformin even if you do not have PCOS? I'm sorry about all the questions, I'm just new to the whole thing. Also, do you know if a basal thermometer is beter then just a reguler digital thermometor? Okay, I think my post is long enough now....thank you again :-)



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