Does anyone get pain when they use clomid?
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Isis - February 10

I use clomid and after using it for a couple of days I get these sharp pains in my overies they dont last long. They are kinda like stabbing pain for a second. Also has anyone got pregnant on their second month of using it


Dark_Pink - February 10

I personally don't experience pain with clomid. Just extreme hot flashes! I got pregnant the cycle after we stopped the clomid last time. 2 months w/ clomid. Then a break... Then BAM! Pregnant. That pregnancy didn't work out and I have not gotten pregnant since then. But were starting a new cycle of Clomid tomorrow... Good luck to you on your 2nd month! :-)


Mega - February 10

Hi Isis. A lot of women get ovarian/pelvic pain during Clomid. However, it may/may not be attributed to the Clomid per se, but maybe rather the condition we take the Clomid for. If that makes sense. I like to think the pains are from the Ovaries being spurred into growing nice, big, ripe follies. At least that was always my theory when I got ovarian pains on Clomid. Good luck Isis, I hope round 2's a charm for you. And good luck with your next Clomid cycle, Dark_Pink!


Emily Frank - February 10

I could be your ovary swelling. I;ve heard of ovaries rupturing wiht Clomied.good luck.


Isis - February 10

Its only last for a second and then its gone. This happens at least two times a day for only two days or so. I also got that feeling when I was younger around the time I was suppose to ovulate. Thats why I was hoping it was me ovulating again.


Natasha - February 10

Isis, I have just finished my first course of clomid last night and I have had the same feelings as you in the ovary area, particularly on the right, it was worst on day 3.


Isis - February 11

Thanks Mega


Isis - February 11

Natasha thats about when mine started. It must mean the med is working. Cross fingers. How long have you been trying for? I have been trying a little over 5 years. And finally started to seek professional help.


Natasha - February 11

Isis, have been trying on and off for 3 years, have PCOS, m/c March 2003 adn chemical in August 2005. Struggling with long cycles which have got longer in the last 6 months, hopefully clomid will help with that.


Isis - February 11

Natasha, I am so sorry you have been through so much. I hope that clomid works for you. I am taking progyluton to regulate because I dont get my monthly"s its been like this since I was twelve. I would get it for three days every six months. And clomid to ovulate. I was fortunate enough to adopt a little girl five years ago. I always had it in my head that i could never get Pregnant. But I finally went to the DOC and they said everything was fine. so me and my husband decided to try.



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