Does anyone get mid-cycle/ ovulation pain?
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Laura - July 6

I have been going through severe mid-cycle/ovulation pain. It is to the point I can accurately give the exact date of pain (normally 16/17th day). The pain is so bad, I cannot physical get out of bed, I feel nauseas, can't cough or sneeze without crying out in pain and have to take pain killers to knock me out. I am like this for about 3/4 days. I need to know if there is anyone else that has the same thing.


chrissy - July 6

I have been getting pain also during ovulation. But its not that bad at all. Maybe you should get it checked out. Good Luck....


Drew - July 6

I agreee, get it checked. I usually have mid cycle/ovulation pain, but not that bad. Pain like that could be a sign of a cyst. Good luck :)


Anna - July 6

I have also gotten that. I would cry out in pain if I coughed, sneezed, and sometimes just twisted wrong. My OB/GYN told me that my ovaries were swelling a little and getting tender(like your boobs do before a period). He said to take ibuprofen. But I would definately get it checked out to make sure it's nothing serious. Good luck.


Laura - July 7

Thanks Chrissy, Drew and Anna!! I have had it checked out, my gyno said the walls of my ovaries are so thick the eggs are struggling to come out. So he booked me in to have a laporoscapy for an ovarion drilling and there was cysts on the ovaries but he got rid of them. He said it was successful. The exact same pain returned when my periods came. He now says it is scar tissue. This is what I don't understand, how can scar tissue be the problem when the pain has been the same for years? I have never heard a case like mine, hence the reason why I am so desperate for some answers.


cb - July 7

Hi, i get the same sort of thing, but not that!!! I have a cyst on my overies and that is what it is caused from, i would go to another doctor & make sure that the cyst has not come back again. Good luck with it :)


cb - July 7

sorry, i meant to say not quiet that bad!! (first line)


CS - July 12

I get the same pain when I ovulate. It gets so bad if I am standing somewhere I just drop to the floor all hunched over. My doctor says it is normal and just take ibeprophen(sp).


Mimi - July 12

I always get the pain and know that I am ovulating. It use to be worse when I was younger, but now it varies from month to month. I sometimes would take tylenol for the pain.



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