Does anyone else have low estrogen?
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kristie h - August 29

Hi all, I have been ttc #2 and i found out a month ago that my uterine lining is lees then 2 mm thick. I have read on the net that a thin uterine lining is cased my low estrogen. My doctor has put me on the bcp for 3 months to sort my hormones out but i am still waiting for af to arrive to start the bcp. Is there anyone here that has the same problem? and would like to wait it out with me?


kristie h - August 29

i was ment to ask, if anyone would like to wait it out with me for 3 months?


lavinia25 - August 31

Me to I had the same problem with prostrogen and I took three moths ortho try cyclen -low and later I went back to my doctor for the test..and was normal.. I want to have a baby and without no luck yet I have to keep trying and I heard about ovulex and I think that would be a good idea to try.. says that balance your hormone.. good l


lavinia25 - August 31

good luck



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