does anyone else get nausea from prenatals?
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Danielle - January 12

i'm not pregnant, but i started taking One Source prenatals like a week and a half ago and for the last few mornings i feel like i'm going to throw up w/in a half hour of taking them. i only feel nausea for a little bit then it goes away. does anyone else experience this? if so, do you know what causes it? also, do you know if there is another over-the-counter one that doesn't cause this? any help would be greatly appreciated.


jcr - January 12

prenatals nauseated me too. I found the trader Joe brand is a food based and it doesn't make me feel sick or constipated. Good luck!


bump... - January 13



me - January 13

I found that if I take my prenatal on an empty stomach, it makes me nauseous. Try taking it with food and see if that helps. If not, ask the pharamcist near you to recommend one with a coating on it to help prevent stomach upset. Feel better and good luck!


me too - January 14

I agree with me, take them after breakfast with food in your tummy or at dinner after you eat.


Danielle - January 14

thank you for replying...this nausea has been a real pain in the behind. i'll try taking them with food, if not i'm definately going to try another brand. thanks again and lots of baby dust!


To:Danielle - January 14

Try taking them with food. The vitamins are so concentrated, they are hard on your stomach.


Ashleyg - January 14

i always take mine right after dinner...i tried to take the vitamin and then eat dinner once and i was so sick to my tummy i could hardly get any food down.


Allie - January 14

Danielle, I was also getting nauseous from my prenatals (ethex), but now I take them at night right before bed. Good luck.



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