does anyone else ever feel like giving up the hope
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libby - September 4

i have been trying for almost 2 years now and it just doesnt seem like it is going to happen i feel like i should just give up the fight and move on with my life and except that i was never ment to be a mum does anyone else feel this way or have any tips for me before i throw in the towel??????


kelly - September 4

after 3 1/2 years of ttc I hated everyone that was pregnant, it seemed liked everyone else was having a child but me. I also seemed as if I only ran into pregnant women wherever I went. I got obsessed with the thought of getting pregnant, the 2 weeks of waiting after O/ trigger shots became unbearable and every month after taking sometimes 3 tests a day, I even ended up taking them apart just to try to find a second line and then my darn AF came again. I stopped fertility treatment and convinced myself that I would never have a child. I got a puppy and started to plan out my life (travel, career etc) without children, I also stayed away from counting my cycle and sex fianlly became fun again instead of the "must do it now" that it had become over the years. That was month one after "giving up". Month two I painted my apartment and turned the "baby's" room into a brand new office for my super-career in progress. THEN my period did not start. I figured it was because of me getting off drugs and now I dont even ovulate on my own anymore.....But I took a test anyways (I bought only 1, something I had never done before) and looked at it the same way I did for years, watch the pee go accross and then stare at it just to not find a second line.... I could not believe my eyes, there was a really faint line in the result window. I callled my doc and went in - I was 5 weeks pregnant. So after all there is hope for all of us, try not to obsess with it too much, then it will all work out. the career is over, I am a stay home mom now and the brand new office is now my sons room. babydust to you......


Lena - September 4

We took a 1 year break after trying for 2 years. The heartbreak of negative results each months was too much, but we knew we still wanted a child. I feel the break did us some good. We entered our second attempts with less expectations and stress.


to libby - September 4

hi! i know exactly what you mean! i havent been ttc as long as you by any means, but i am now loosing all hope that i am going to be able to just get pregnant on my own...after 2 miscarriages, and infertility testing, it seems like i am going to have to go on clomid, and my left tube appears to be blocked. i am just so frusterated, because when i do get pregnant, i cant seem to hold on to the pregnancy, and then i have friends getting pregnant all around me who are still smoking and drinking throughout their pregnancy right in front of me, and i feel like they are so insensitive for doing that! lol....i have just rambled on, sorry. i guess that the only thing that us women can do is sit back and know that at some point it will happen...(i hate when people say that to me, but i guess that it is true), it is a very long hard road, but the end result is more than worth it! i wish all of us the best of luck, and i will keep my fingers crossed for all of us as well...take care!


Estee P - September 5

Libby: I have been there. I have also felt like giving up. I tried 2.5 years, for every single month, 30 tries. It almost drove me insane. I am now 4 months pregnant. Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for allowing me to fall pregnant. There are really not words that I can use to explain to you how blessed and grateful I feel. There really is no consolation that I can offer to you in the time you're going through now, except this: Don't give up trying every month. Do your research, read everything you can (which I'm sure you already did) about how ovulation works, how to time yourself, what signs to look out for. If you are in a position to seek medical help, do it. I went to the doc 4 times every month, for almost the entire last year. Simply do everything humanly possible that you can, to make sure you maximize your chances. And leave the rest up to God. The month that I conceived was one of the months that I just didn't care anymore. I just felt, what the heck, we'll try, but I ain't gonna even allow myself a teaspoon of hope. And there it was, I got pregnant. GOD KNOWS ABOUT YOU, and He will give you that baby when the time is ready. Until then, try to keep going, month by month. I am praying for all of you, every night. Be strong and don't stop trying. Good luck.


Sara - September 6

Hi Libby, I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I have been TTC for 2 yrs now. I'm getting tired of it all. The meds make me sick and I'm in a lot of pain. I think I may finish out my Clomid cycles and give my body a rest for a few months. I believe I will get pregnant one day but right now I have to take it day by day and appreciate what I have got in my life. I wish all of you all the best in your journey. Baby dust to you all.



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