Does anyone actually notice their cervical mucus changing?
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emeliz - January 26

I'm squeemish about touching my cervix, so maybe that's why I've not noticed any changes in my discharge/mucus, etc. during ovulation--because you wouldn't unless you touch near the cervix? I see no difference throughout my entire cycle, in the texture,of my vaginal fluids. Could this be a residual effect of b.c. pill use? I've been off the pill 4 months after being on it 13 yrs. Since then, my period/ovulation cycle is VERY regular.


pmblake - January 26

Hi emeliz! lots of questions! Well, I can't even reach my cervix. I have very small hands so I'm not able to check for fluid if I tried. What I usually do is after I pee or especially have a bm (tmi!) your fluid kinda pushes out and you can get some w/ your finger or on a piece of tissue and test it that way.


emeliz - January 26

lol I just signed up for this forum today and we've been ttc for 4 months, so all the questions were piling up in my brain. I just don't feel the "egg-white" texture the experts talk about. How crucial is that to conceiving? Someone just recommended Pre-seed lubricant.


pmblake - January 26

I've been chatting w/ you this morning. I mentioned preseed as a lubricant. No salvia and no ky! a tube of preseed goes a long way (if you know what i mean!). I'll be honest..This is the first month that I've ever truly witnessed the egg white mucus. I couldn't believe it. It truly does look and feel like egg whites. I only found it b/c we were fooling around I had to stop to go potty and bam! there is was. I got so excited that we definitely had some good bding that morning. I've heard that it's not mandatory to have alot of cm and you most likely have some that you don't even know about. Just keep doing the check when you go to the bathroom and also if in the afternoons you start to feel 'wet down there" go check it out. You don't have to ram your cervix.. just get a sample w/ your finger. have I gone XXX or what??


emeliz - January 26

No worries about XXX-- lol if the mechanics of ttc were actually that sexy, I think we'd all be in a better state! Thanks for the tips. That's reassuring that the egg-white mucus isn't always easy to detect. I'm going to buy some Pre-seed, what the heck...;)


Tink - January 26

i can often see it when i wipe. that's my key


Chas - January 27

Here's a good question... I have always been confused about... what if the eggwhite cm does not correlate with the opk??? should you bd relying on the opk or the eggwhite cm ????


RainbowBJW - January 28

Hey PM - don't mean to burst your bubble but I've read that once you are "fooling around" AKA turned on, that you can't use that as example of cm because it's mixed with what our bodies make when we are excited. Hey Chas - I have always had a + OPK after egg white cm, I think the cm is our bodies prep for ovulation, plus + OPK just means you will ovulate in 24-36 hours from what I've heard, so it makes sense your body is making everything hospitable for the "potential visitors" to your egg. BTW, wear black non-cotton undies around ovulation time and you will see the cm really good.


lovemy3 - January 28

Mine starts about 1 day before positive OPK and then one day after and then dries up. I am quite dry the rest of the time so I really notice it being different. It is like "egg white" and strectchy and it is on toilet tissue. But after pushing of a BM it really comes out.



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