Does anybody Know?
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Sandy - October 5

i started my cycle Sept 1 and started femara Sept 5...checked for oing on 11,12,13,14, and o on 13,14, bd and bd..started spotting 2 days on the 20 which was 6 days after Oct 3 spotted the same way called nurse she said take a pg test..did that 2day not pg still spotting almost stopped told the nurse she said start femara on Saturday...has anyone had this to happen to them...and what is up with the spotting...could that mean somethings wrong? i have been ttc for 4 years found out 3 mths ago i have pcos but i always have a cycle heavy and long so i don't really understand what is going on anybody anybody out there know anything anything at all please feel free to let me know either here are email me at [email protected] you so so so much...Sandy



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