does anybody have this problem??
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Sam - May 31

Me and my hubby are trying to get preg. after sex, i always have to go pee right after. does anybody else have this prob and if so, is there a way that i can stop doing this??


milissa - May 31

Pee before you have sex.


Nancy - June 3

I do not always have to pee right after, but I did once read that you should go to the bathroom before and after sex, to help prevent bladder infection. I think if you have to pee and you try not to, that would not be good for your body and could cause iritation with intercourse if you end up with an infection.


Jill - June 3

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should wait 30 minutes after sex to get up. Otherwise, my doctor always told me to go to the bathroom after sex. I had a big problem with bladder infections while I was pregnant, so I had to do that.



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