Does anybody have any advice?? Please help!!
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KristalHarmony - April 25

After my 2nd child was born i started growing pelvic tumors. In 3 years time I had over 20 operations on my pelvis. In 2 seperate surgeries I had my right ovary and my left fallopian tube removed. My doctor at the time assured me that this would cause no problems getting pregnant in the future saying that the remaining tube would simply act as the other. I have now had miscarriages in the last 6 months. I have been researching on the internet and it says having the 2 on opposite sides, the egg rarely uses the opposite tube. Does anyone out there know anything or had any experience in this situation. I want a baby so badly can anyone give me some advice???????


am - April 27

Kristal I have never heard of this before but I wish you the best. Good luck to you! my thoughts will be with you



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