Does 1 folicle mean 1 egg// or possible NONE
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maryp - January 29

My Dr said he said I had 1 goof size folicle just before doing IUI .. since I was in the middle of IVF cycle he told me not worth in continuing IVF.. That folicle is not good enough for Egg retrieval ... WHAY NOT??? and what are the chance of IUI.. working out!


tanner789 - January 29

i know when i began the shots the nurses told me there was no guarantee that there was an egg in any of the mature follicles, maybe they want you to have more than one for ivf that is a very expensive procedure to waste on one maybe egg. i guess you have to decide whats best for your future iui or ivf i dont see why they would make you go back a step and try iui when original plan was ivf. are they gonna use shots again next month?


ROBYN - January 29

Most clinics will cancel and IVF cycle if you dont have at least 4 mature follicles at retrieval. Did your RE try to increase your meds because your not responding well to the meds if you only produced one follicle. I completed my 1st IVF cycle and we are now 11 weeks pregnant but we retrieved 11 follicles, 6 fertilized and they transferred back 2. They need more than 1 to work with. IVF cycles get cancelled all the time when people are responding well if you decide IVF next cycle hopefully your RE will see what the issue was this month and change your protocol. Also even if there is one follicle does not necessarily mean there is an egg in that follicle. Good luck to you.


ROBYN - January 29

i meant to say IVF cycles are cancelled all the time when people are NOT responding to the meds or hyperstimulation of the ovaries occurs where too many follicles are produced.


Tink - January 29

i had 2 IUI/clomid cycles where i had 7 mature follicles both cycles. however, when we did the post IUI u/s (some RE's will do this to confirm ovulation, in addition to bloodwork)----they said only 5 had released an egg. how they could tell from the sono, i don't know. apparently not all follicles contain or release eggs. sometimes they can just release fluid. But Robyn is right, most clinics will require at least 3-4 mature follies for an IVF cycle, since you almost always lose 1/3 of them before fertilizing (they just don't make it/die). good luck- i would definitely ask about increasing your doses and adjusting based on this experience, so sorry it was cancelled.


maryp - January 29

congrads Robyn on your preg.. keep us posted...thank u for making it clear.. in my case it's also the age I am 40 and I have 1 ovary .. I can never produce at the most 4 folicles.. I just waiting for iui 2week wait to take a preg test .. if neg oh well next month ... ttc no 2


Tink - January 29

Mary- good luck to you! i really hope it works out, are you doing the IUI instead now?


ROBYN - January 29

mary wish you the best of luck. Did your RE discuss the odd with one ovary? I hope you get your BFP soon good luck to you.


maryp - January 30

very upsetting last night to see some spotting.. so confused.. could it be my period or implantation bleeding.. I ovulated 20 Jan .. did iui ....its only 10 days since I thought period come after 2 wks.. I'm always regular 28-30 day cycle. Could it be the medication screwed up my system.?. Sould I take a preg test to rule out preg.. (to convince myself ) Any advice?


Tracy88 - January 30

Spotting could be from two had implantation spotting..........or two, your progesterone level is starting to drop to prepare for AF. I wouldn't test just yet even if it was implantation. The HCG would need a few days to double to be detected by a good test anyway, so I say, just stick it out. I know this process sucks. I had back to back IUI's with injectables in August for the first time, and the TWW was grueling and depressing for fear of it not working. I can just imagine what you have gone through this cycle. Keep your chin up. Best of luck!


maryp - January 30

Tracy88.. what point are you at now? Had any luck since August?


maryp - January 30

Tracy sounds stupid but what does AF stand for?


maryp - January 31

well this morning wasn't just spotting. I actually needed a pad.. waiting for next month long



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