Doctors refuse HSG
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Kiimi - July 22

Hi ladies. i was wondering if i could get some advise. 2 years ago i has a miscarriage so i know that i was fertile at one point. a little over a year ago i had a large ovarian cyst removed, which they tried to do laporscopically but it was too dangerous so they made about a 4 inch incision....ok not tto bad but i now hve a fear that i cant get preg. my partner and i have been having unprotected sex for about a year and twice i believed that i was preg. and had two very faint pos. but then my period started. i was told by my gyno that an HSG would be able to tell if there was any blockage so my mom asked my primary physician about it and said that we wanted to know soon because if the sergon fucked up someone would have to pay. and i agree with that of course. and immediatly after she said that he told her that he WOULD NOT order the HSG. so i go to my gyno and by my luck, the doctor that i had been seeing had moved so i saw a different one and he told me that they would only do the test if i was truly trying to get pg. which im not really but if it happened we would be happy (i should probaby mention that i am 18 and my partner is 26) but can they really refuse it? and do you think it would be a good idea for me to get it done or is there another way to tell if there is any damage, like an mri or ultrasound? i greatly apprecitate any advise thankyou.


Kiimi - July 22



Tracy88 - July 22

The only reason the doctors probably don't want to do these tests is due to your age. In their mind, you have plenty of time before anybody would think something is seriously wrong. Honestly, I wouldn't worry so much right now either. I realize you have been having unprotected sex, but that doesn't always mean that you are having sex at the right time in the month to get pregnant, or perhaps the guy you are with has sperm issues. I would definitely just let nature take its course for now because you are young and even young people don't always get pregnant right away. I am by no means saying don't try or anything like that, nor am I saying you are too young, what I am saying is that I think you should give your body another year or two and then actively pursue testing if nothing has happened by then. I also don't think an HSG is the test that will give you the answers you are looking for. Your best bet would be a laparoscopy since the doctors can see what is going on in there and fix it at the same time. At that time, they can also make sure your tubes are open, just like an HSG, and can often fix things with your tubes while in there as well. Don't worry so much, things will work out the way they are supposed to. Good luck.


Kiimi - July 22

but if the sergon fucked up, someone has to pay and in that case it has to be within 3 years of the surgery for me to do anything about it, and just to let you know, i wont get deffensive about my age or anything but i understand what you are saying, i know that my partner has gotten someone pregnant before so we have no clue and we have sex at least 4 times a week, i thought something would have happened by now, you know.


Tracy88 - July 22

Do you have health insurance? If so, try to find an OB/gyn who will perform the laparoscopy on you. I really think that is the best way to see if someone screwed up in there, and they can fix it while they are in there. Ultrasounds, etc....don't show adhesions or scar tissue, so please ask about that when you see your OB. If they say they don't do that kind of surgery, then ask who does that they recommend. If they can't recommend anyone, then call around and say you had a previous surgery, you have painful periods, and need to find out what is going on in there. Say you are concerned because you are so young and that you should not have such painful periods at your age. Don't let on that any of this has to do with TTC because that is when most doctors turn into parents and judges.


Tracy88 - July 22

What state do you live in?


slowpoke01 - July 23

kiimi-if you really want this test then tell the doctor that you are really trying to get pregnant and nothing has happened. the hsg dye test will only show if your tubes are blocked though and like tracy said you may just want to have another lap where they can see what is going on inside


Kiimi - July 24

thanks a lot ladies


central - July 29

I would recommend you to have your blood work screening first to see if everything is alright. That is usually the first test RE perform. Furthemore, after that exam the RE go to the next level which is the HSG. If your not 100% sure about getting pregnant why do want the HSG? I feel you are not ready to be a parent because u would have never said "which im not really but if it happened we would be happy" That does not sounds like someone who really and sincerely want to get pregnant.


central - July 29

If u really want to get pregnant. I recommend the HSG before the Lap. I thought I would to have the Lap, but the HSG clear out my tubes w/o the lap, and i am now 4 months pregnant soon to be 5 next weekend. The only test I had done was bloodwork/HSG. There are plenty of Horror Stories with the Lap, when the Doctor uses the scissors to cut fibrors, cyts, endo, etc. they sometimes cut organs and leaves a hole in your internal organs. When air goes inside the abdomen during the Lap that creates scar tissue around your surrounding organs. That will make it really hard to get pregnant. The HSG is a WAY BETTER OPTION. The HSG procedure does not use hard material like the Lap. The HSG is usually a balloon or dye. The constrast dye can open up your tubes if u have debris, clotting or mild scarring around/inside your tubes. That is a lot better than the risk of the Lap. HSG is only 5 min cramping or even less maybe none it depends on the person. I hope that help good luck.



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