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MuzikGurl - March 9

Ok, I went to the dr. today but it wasn't to get the beta like I was expecting. Instead they took a pee sample which is pointless cause I'm on cd4 of my cycle and I seriously doubt I'm pregnant now. So, here's the doctors planed: I take another round (#2) of Clomid 50mgs. on days 6-10 I should ovulate on days 14-15 and he wants my hubby and I to have sex on days 12, 14, and 16 then if it goes as planned we should be pregnant by next month. I'm think it sound so great on pen and paper but, my body does what it wants I'm afraid what if I ovulate later than expected like this past cycle??? What if we have sex on those days like he says and we get a bfn???? Anyone else have any thoughts about this?? just need hope I guess...any ideas and inspirations is greatful. Thanks in advance.


Ann - March 9

MuzikGurl, the doctor's plan sounds reasonable, but if I were you, I would also use an opk. That way you will have a better idea as to when/whether you Oed or not. Good luck on the BFP!


Mega - March 10

I agree with Ann, that way you're covering your bases in case like you suspect maybe you O later than the typical CD 14, 15 or so. We all respond differently to Clomid. Also maybe be sure to BD everyother day for at least a week, maybe starting on CD 12 like your dr said but continuing on past CD 16, again to cover all those bases, dot those i's, cross those t's, etc. Good luck!


Twinmom2be - March 10

MuzikGurl-I agree with Ann and use OPK's to help detect ovulation. I used the clear blue digital ones. They are pricing ($40) but worked really well and they give you a smiley face when you get your surge instead of a line. I took Clomid on days 5-7 and started the opk's on day 10. So I would say start the opk's on day 11 but I would ask your dr just to make sure. Good luck. Oh, by the way I conceived with my 1st round and now 11 weeks.


KDR - March 10

I also agree with Ann. I used opk with my first round of clomid and ovulated on day 16. I would really suggest using opk - it really helped me to know when to bd!


MuzikGurl - March 15

Ok, so I'm taking my last pill of Clomid tonight before bed. DH and I have been having sex for what seems every two days but we will change it to every other day if not every day from day 12 to day 22 that should cover assuming he's normal (never had a semen analysis) it should cover about a week's worth of ovulation. Last month I ovulated for 10 days so, I'm assuming I might ovulate about the same this month too hopefully. We go back to the ob/gyn on 4/7 for check up. So, hoping for that BFP!!! No stresses no worries right now so this might be our month! Fingers Crossed and praying hard!!! Good luck to you all too!! take care!


janell - March 16

Hello all, I just started Clomid this month cd 5-9 and my OBGYN wants us to have sex on cd 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 and then go for a blood draw on cd 21. My OBGYN wants us to get preg ASAP due to complications I have from endometriosis (I had surgery for that in Dec. 2005). I would like to hear from others about their experiences on Clomid. Good luck to all of you!!!


MuzikGurl - March 18

Well, it's day 13 of my cycle and I am worried I won't ovulate tomorrow like I'm supossed to. I haven't crampped at all this cycle and my temps are crazy and today it was low. Is it normal that I ovulate taking one round of 50 mg. of Clomid and the next month don't ovulate but still take the same amount of clomid???? any ideas?



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