Doctors make me so frustrated!!!!
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Staci - October 26

Ok so I go to the doctor today because I have been having pelvic pain. Thinking it is due to my PCOS, and maybe the hope that I am pregnant. What do I get ? An hour and a half lecture from not just the intern but from the doctor as well on how I need to lose weight and how to do it. Like I don't f'ing know how to lose weight! It isn't like I haven't tried every diet in the book, or that I was anorexic in HS. No that must not count! Or the fact that I haven't had a bit of bread, pasta, or potatoes for over a month now doing a low carb diet, and lost close to 10 lbs! You would think with the way they talked to me that I was morbidly obese and ate crap all the time, and not 40lbs according to their chart over weight and trying my damnest to not be!!!!
It is the same ole crap, You know your PCOS would be better if lost weight. Blah,blah, blah! Well this PCOS is what made me fat! It wasn't like one day I just decided, "Hey I think I will eat everything that crosses my path and get fat. Then I my ovaries will stop working and I won't be able to get pregnant! What a wonderful idea! " I am sorry y'all but I am just sitting here bawling in a fit of rage and frustration for the lack of kindness or consideration these two doctors had. Isn't going months without being about to get pregnant enough of a beating, without someone else throwing it up in your face that if you would just care enough then you wouldn't be going through this! I do care, and I do try! I try so much that I wear myself and my pocket book out trying everything possible to make my dream a reality! How dare they come and slam me down even further! Thanks for letting me vent!


My answer - October 26

First off... give yourself a pat on the back for losing 10 pounds and taking care of yourself! Second... look for a different Dr! You need one that will encourage your efforts and not tear you down. Third... (if you're feeling really angry and want some satisfaction) get in contact with the AMA (American Medical Association) and report your Dr. for his attitude and allowing his intern to speak to you in that manner. Imagine what he's saying to other woman that ARE obese or have other problems that he doesn't have an understanding of!


jcr - October 26

Stacy, I am soooo sorry about your stupid DR!!! That is uncalled for. Congrats on the 10 lbs that is very good. Keep up the good work. Do the Dr's have you on metformin? I know I have shed many tears after dealing with an insensitive Dr's. I know I lost weight a little easier on the metformin. I also have been having great success with acupuncture, I am ovulating for the first time and feel great. It is so nice not to have to deal with a Dr., but with that said I am going to interview a new RE today incase I need more help. I am giving accupuncture until December and hoping a get a bfp!! Hang in there and keep doing what your doing. Remember you are the boss not your Dr. and you can keep looking until you find a more understanding one. How long have you been ttc? How long have they known about pcos? Hang in there my dear and I am sending you a big hug. Baby dust!


me - October 26

I got one for ya...I use dto go an a regular endocrinologist back home, who saw nothing more than a fat young woman with a hair problem and hypothyroidism. I am a sales rep who lives in my car 8 hours a day. This guy could not get past the fact that I was fat. Well, lo and behold, I went to an RE now that I am trying to get pregnant, and what do you know...PCOS! I understand what you are going through. Not all drs have good bedside manner. My RE is fantastic! Try to find someone else who looks at other possibiliites, other than thinking you are being fat and lazy and eating bons bons all day long. Ok maybe not that dramatic, but you get my point :)


staci - October 26

Thank you girls! We have been tcc for almost a year now. I was diagnosed with PCOS, a year and a half ago. I am thinking I need to up my dose of met and see if that doesn't help me out some. I forgot to mention both the intern and the dr. were women!!! I am really appreciate y'alls understanding and support! I came home and cried into my hubby's shoulder. He even asked if I wanted him to go down there and talk to them! Which I was wanting him to come to my defense, but I am sure it would have been pointless! I was just glad he asked! My hero! LOL Congrats on your weightloss JCR! How much have you lost with Met? I considered accupunture, and even went one time but leave it to me to get the bad doctors. She left bruising in my ovary area. There is a accup. who specializes in infertility in the area, but she is an hour away and insurance doesn't cover it. With gas as expensive as it is, and having to pay out of pocket I just don't know if I can afford taking the risk. If you ever want to email let me know! My email is
[email protected] during the day and [email protected]. At school I don't have access to anything, but my given account. So if you ever want to chat during the day that is where to reach me!


jcr - October 27

Me-good to hear you again. We keep meeting on these threads :)! Staci I have lost about 17 lbs, which is right for me. I am down to my pre-preggo weight after 2 years yay! I guess it is up to us to tell the Dr's to lay off and just help already! I am sorry all your struggles, I was not anorexic, but very bulimic and I know how hard the struggle is. We are hard enough on ourselves without having a Dr come down on us also. How much met are you on Staci? Are you seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist or regular obgyn? Hang in there girl and keep strong. Our day is coming.



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