Doctor doing tests plz help!!!
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kristie h - August 7

Hi All, i have been ttc #2 since my loss in feb this year. I had a ultrasound done the other day to find that my uterine lining is only less then 2mm thick. I have to get a progestrone blood test done tommorow then go and see my doc on friday then he may put me on the pill for 3 months to get the lining thicker. Is that the only option? is there anyone here that has had this problem? Will this thin uterine lining problem stop me from becoming pregnant in the future? My af have been all over the place as i had a 2 day af on cd 31 then it stoped then 1 week later i bleed for 1 day then 4 days later i had my proper af. My doctor said to get the progestone blood test done 21 days from the 1st time i started to bleed which was for those two days on cd 31 is that the one i should go by? Plz i need help!!!


slowpoke01 - August 7

kristie you may talk to your doc about progesterone supplements like pills or there is cream or suppositories. progesterone helps thicken the uterine wall to help with implantation. so your progesterone will probably be low when you have it checked if your uterine lineing was only 2mm. i have not had this problem but i have heard about other women having it. i think that most of them use some type of progesterone and i have even read where some use some type of estrogen. im not sure about the bc pill though but maybe your doc wants to put you on it to make sure that you dont get pregnant until you lining is thicker. because even if implantation occurs it will probably end in m/c and he is probably wanting to keep that from happening. but if i am not mistaken b/c pills have progesterone and estrogen in them. so that also may be why he is wanting to do that. maybe some other girls on here can help you out. i hope i helped some. good luck


Mega - August 7

Kristie h, go by the first day of the normal AF. CD 1 always starts the first day of full flow AF, not spotting. I know it can tricky though, I tend to spot myself. And my AF's are rarely heavy or long. As for the lining issue I had thin lining on Clomid & the dr prescribe estrogen patches (Vivelle Dots) which are usually used for menopausal women but I would wear 4 of them at a time starting from my last Clomid pill, no s/e or anything & It helped a lot. Might be something to suggest to your dr if you don't want to put off TTC for 3 more months. I think Slowpoke's theory as to why the BCPs might help your lining is correct though. Sounds good to me. BCPs are actually pretty useful when TTC, though it seems kind of counter intuitive. I'm on BCPs now myself to get ready for my 1st IVF cycle. Good luck. HTH!!!



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