doc. told me to take robitussion?????
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aaa - November 1

i am very dry as i am taking clomid my doc told me to take robitussion, i went to market and found so many types, i bout for cold & cough is that ok ..any suggestions


Mega - November 1

Hi aaa! The ingredient you want in the cough syrup is guaifenesin. From what I've read that should be the only ingredient. Definitely stay away from decongestants as that can dry you up. HTH. Good luck! I noticed EWCM for the first time ever this cycle, and I was using Robitussin for a bad cold. I too used Clomid this cycle & I also had my first IUI. Now I'm just hoping AF stays away!!! Anyway, good luck.


to mega - November 1

hi mega ... what i bout is cough and cold it contains guaifesin,dextromethorphan and pseudorpehdrine.. what will i do . ithink i shud change this


to aaa - November 1

DO NOT USE DEXTROMETHORPAN AND PSEUDO EPINEPHRINE - you only want the guifenesin -yes change it go buy the one that only has guafenesain.


to mega - November 1

thanx mega, i just went out and bout simple one ... thanx for the info...i hope u will get pregnant ... i will pray for u...i hope no Af for u & me


Nic - November 1

Make sure it doesnt say DM after it.


Mega - November 1

aaa, good, I'm glad you just bought the regular old Robitussin with guaifensin. I just read an article online saying there is some speculation online that Robitussin DM MAY cause cleft palates in developing fetuses. So you got the right kind of syrup at just the right time! Thanks! I hope AF stays away for both of us too!!! Good luck, keep us posted.


farisa - November 5

can you take the pill form or does i t have to be the liquid guifenesen?



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