DO YOU THINK ??? plese reply
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Milissa - June 1

You must be reading someone else girl!! cause the only one I have ever gotten bitchy about was about the 17 year old and everyone was hitting her hard about wanting a baby blah blah I stuck up for her!! So back off! I don't have to explain shit to you! Like okay...I'm out


nope - June 1

its you! you have attitude!


and - June 1

what country is she from, in any place and anyone you talk to people dont say water infection that is retarted!


comment - June 1

about the attitude was for drew! jealous milissa has so much pull in the threads so your ass is trying to jump in and act like you know all this shit!


comment - June 1

laura what country are ya from? we here amercia, shall we spell it, america! so there for terminlogy is URINARY TRACT Infection!


Drew - June 1

I have done alot of reasurch on infertility, since I have been dealing with it for many years. I'm not "jumping in". Maybe the reason Milissa has so much pull is because she is so maipulative. I feel sorry for anyone comming into this forum. They are looking for help and support and there are people here like you who are just looking for a fight. If you read my reply I was simply trying to explain what a water infection is. Maybe Milissa should be a little less defensive.


christina - June 1

i am coming in here for some advice, i couldnt stop urinating yesterday and today every two seconds like i couldnt hold it in, and i am never like that, i have had a urinary infection a few years ago, but dont remember the symptoms, any info will be great, i am not late yet for my monthly friend as i am not due til next week, so i know i am not preg, thanks for any input ladies.


Drew - June 1

Christina, you should get checked for a uti. If you dont get them looked after they can become quite serious. Sometimes you also feel a burning sensation when you go. You may also get a fever and feel kinda sick. If you dont know though, get it checked out. Good luck!


christina - June 2

thanks for the info, i do feel chills and nausea now and then so i made an appointment for tomorrow i will let you guys know what happened.appreciate the dust to all.


Milissa - June 2

NOPE SORRY DREW..your the only one that keeps pissing people off! I treat everyone the same and I don't sugar coat it" ask a stupid Q you get a stupid reply!" Quite talking shit about me and YOU GROW UP AND GET OVER IT GIRLY"" I have been there for alot of women just listening so you don't know shit about me...move on"


To Drew - June 2

I have been addicted to this forum for about a month now, after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a while now. I think that you acted caring, supportive, informative, and just all around wonderful. It is nice to know that some people on this forum are intelligent and so well spoken. I don't understand why people have to go around cursing and being so terribly, utterly, rude like Milissa was. I just think it is so so sad. We are all here for the same reason, to support each other. I, for one, do not want someone who is obviously uneducated and insensitive giving me any advice or support! Keep up the good work Drew!


WhatEver - June 2



Milissa - June 2

Sorry the cursing comes natural to me"when I'm getting upset! I'm am coming here defending myself" You two know nothing about me! I Have helped a lot of women and a lot have helped me! I have been through a lot in my life... A month ha" I have been on here for way longer than that :) and have talk to a lot of great women Strong women who have been through some shit" and I'm pround to know each and every one and have made some great friends that I talk to everyday on here and on the phone HI" MEL :) anyways So Before you start throwing stones and acting like you know everything about me then WE have just begun :)


LAURA XX - June 2

i am from england. and melissa , if any 1 is retarded it you not knowing what a water infection is , UTI or what ever you wanna flippen call it. at least drew understood . and any 1 else. we come on here for help and advice not to be called a retard ffs. get a life woman . thanks drew and every 1 else who under stood xxxxxxxxxxxxx


laura xx - June 2

do you want me to spell england for you melissa ENGLAND . it sounds to me tha you need to ge a life. bet your just a silly little kid who's messing about. i know waht a urinary tract infection (uti) is. im a bloody nurse.


Drew - June 2

Thank you to whoever wrote to Drew. I am only trying to help and in turn get help when I need it. I'm glad someone sees that. To Laura, I hope it helped. Hey... tomorrows Friday! Have you started af or are you going for the test? Please let me know how it works out, I'm hoping and praying for you! Good luck!



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