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laura xx - May 31

hi guys. well i come off the injection at 20th april as we decided we wanted to try for another baby. a couple of weeks ago i had bad stomach pains and i was urinating alot. so i went to the docs and he said i have a water infection he said i could also be concieving. and told me to go back this fri coming for a test if i aint come on my period by then. my pains still come and go. i havent really got an apietite. last night my nipple started to hurt and this morning a feel sickly. do you think i could be preg ????


milissa - May 31

what hell is a water infection???


laura - May 31

a water infection is a water infection. meaning an infection with your kidneys like you need to pee alot and its pain full when you go


Drew - June 1

A water infection is a uti- urinary tract infection. You know, like with your bladder or kidneys? Any way Laura, actually when I was pg, I got alot of these infections. Dont really know why, but I did. So you should get a urine test for pg, and infection. If the pg test is negative, and you do have a water infection, ask them to do a blood test for pg. Some of the antibiotics they give you for these infections are not good for baby. Good luck!


WHAT - June 1

Well, that was uncalled for. I don't see anything remotely rude about Drew's explanation. Maybe some people do call it a water infection--the point is, Drew offered a helpful explanation, and next time you hear "water infection," you'll know what it means.


Drew - June 1

Milissa, it is always a joy posting with you.... I can always count on entertainment (you acting like an ass yourself) and language from a sewer. I wasnt trying to be smart, I was just trying to help Laura out. So before you open your big fat mouth, maybe you should consider that not everyone is as immature as you.


Drew - June 1

Laura, hope this info helps a little... When I was pregnant with my daughter I was put on an antibiotic and later found out that it is bad for baby. If you do need antibiotics, make sure to ask if they are o.k. incase there is a "baby on board"!


Drew - June 1

Well then I guess you know your acting like an ass then. And me "just replying" answered the immature part? You replied first so what does that make you? Maybe you should take your head out of your rear and act like an adult.


milissa - June 1

hha hha hhee hha hhhee hhha he your so funny!!!!! hahh hhe hee I'm sure you could go all night... whos acting like a child again!! hha hhhe hhahh ehee


Drew - June 1

Ok, lets just put an end to this. This is rediculous. Your just embarassing yourself, and its pointless. GROW UP


Drew - June 1

Laura, if you want to talk anymore, start a new thread. Don't be discouraged, most of the time its not like this. I'd really like to hear how things work out for you. Good luck!


Milissa - June 1

Laura I am a nice person SHE just pist me off!! I'm all over this forum and I have my own with several other women! I'm usually better than this but when someone act's like a SNOT then I'm not affaid to say how I feel! sorry for all this on your forum!! And Drew the way you wrote and how you said it was acting like a SNOT!! Good luck LAURA *****baby dust*****


Chrissy - June 1

Well......You might be! And if you are getting to concieve then I hope you are. Let me know what happens this fri!!! Good Luck!


immaturity - June 1

drew what is your problem? milissa said nothing so terrible and does have alot of threads, you obviously have a jealousy problem and need to grow has never been referred to as a water infection, that was odd! maybe laura's dr. should study correct terminology!


THANK YOU - June 1

THANK YOU GIRL!! I Know I was not miss reading it!~!


Drew - June 1

"immaturity" have you stopped to think maybe Laura is from another country where they call it a water infection? I was not being "snotty" or whatever when I said that, I was simply trying to explain what it was. I understood what Laura was saying. As for Milissa and other threads, I have read some of her rantings and outbursts. Pretty disgusting, if she truely is an adult as she claims. And jealous...? Of what?


Milissa - June 1

You must be reading someone else girl!! cause the only one I have ever gotten bitchy about was about the 17 year old and everyone was hitting her hard about wanting a baby blah blah I stuck up for her!! So back off! I don't have to explain shit to you! Like okay...I'm out



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