Do you always ovulate if you have ripe follicles?
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Eden - February 7

I am on 100mg of clomid after two progesterone tests showed I did not ovulate. THis month with the clomid I had 3 ripe follicles and I "surged" on my own. My question is if I surged, does this mean I did ovulate for sure? I did not do a progesterone test this month and my AF is due to come Wednesday. Also my RE said I would not get a period while taking progesterone suppositories, but I have all the symptoms I get two days before it arrives. Does anyone know anything about this. Thanks to all of you.


RR - February 7

Normally if you get a surge you will O but there are rare cases where women don't. Also trigger shots don't always work. On the af symptoms- You can still get the symptoms but while on what I like to call the White Bullet you will not get af because progesterone is what keeps your uterus from shedding its lining. Hope this answers your question. You will be able to find out soon by a test if you are pg or not.


Ann - February 7

RR, do you know any reasons as to why the trigger wouldn't work? I am questioning whether it worked for me or not last week.



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