Do women with PCOS still get pos. OPKs but not fully ovulate
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lovemy3 - January 11

Hi there. I am wondering some things about PCOS. If you do have the condition would you still get positive OPks? I have read that you still produce but they do not fully mature and release. Is this correct? thanks.


Mega - January 11

Hi Lovemy3. Yes, that is correct. A lot of the time, a woman with PCOS will produce follies, but they won't release thus causing a bunch of little cysts on the ovaries, giving polycystic ovaries that so called "chain of pearl" appearance. Then again, not all the time. And some women with PCOS don't have polycystic ovaries, & vice versa too. And you can still occassionally O with PCOS, but a lot of the time if not using meds a woman with PCOS won't release eggs on a regular, monthly basis. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. I've heard that OPKs aren't the best for most PCOS women either, charting BBT seems to be more effective. Were you recently dx with PCOS? I hope this helps! Good luck!


Mega - January 11

Here's a link to a site that further explains PCOS & ovulation:
(remove any dashes (-) the computer may add to this URL).


lovemy3 - January 11

Thanks mega, No i wasn't diagnosed but I have been wondering. I do have hair on my chin, are overweight. I am still regular and am getting pos opks but not getting pregnant. I do have 3 kids already. Just something I have been wondering about. So, you are saying PCOS women do get POSITIVE OPKS and sometimes don't ovulate. So, the positive opks could be misleading. Is that correct?


Mega - January 11

You're welcome...I'm not a 100% sure about the OPK thing. I've heard they're not always as reliable for PCOS women though. I've only really used OPKs while on Clomid myself. I did try the microscope predictor though before I was officially dx with PCOS though to no avail. Never saw the ferning. Go figure! :) But yes, I guess they could be misleading in that a woman could surge, get a + OPK, but then for some reason the follie never completes the transaction, due to lack of one hormone or too much of another I guess. Perhaps you could start tracking your O via temping? But anyway as long as you're regular, that's the important thing. My irregularity was really the one factor my dr considered in dx me. That was the main reason they thought I didn't O. I'm slightly overweight, though I do carry it all in my tummy (classic PCOS), I don't have hair issues, but I was irreg & my ovaries were very string of pearl esque. It's just a tricky, weird thing, PCOS, no one size fits all. Good luck with TTC #4, I hope it happens soon for you.



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