Do we HAVE TO Register?
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Allie - December 12

What if we don't? We can still do what we were doing before, correct? (posting, responding). What are the advantages of registering?


test - December 12



MuzikGurl - December 12

I registered...and I don't see the difference except my name is in red....honestly...I don't see the point.


MuzikGurl - December 12

PS. maybe it's a way to keep track of how many and who's using the site.


Becca - December 12

I have not registered yet but it is so that other people can not use your name and post as you, etc.


Elena - December 12

yes you have to login and register. its works trust me all of the question's are bumping up more.


me - December 13

It is like Becca said, who is not in red I might add :) it is so people don't use more than one username and they cant post as you. Doesn't hurt right? I am glad no one can take my initials now.



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