do u think before going for IUI u shud have ur lap done
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aish - June 6

DO u think along with HSG tests& blood work...we shud have our laproscopy done to find out that u have endo...or another problem before going for IUI..
I had my IUi and i am 2ww cramping i think AF will thinking of going for lap before my 2 IUI..
what do u say??


crystal74 - June 6

aish, i wonder the same thing. I will be going to do my IUI anyday now, as soon as i get my positive OPK, and i wonder if the dr. should be doing that Lap first.


aish - June 6

crystal74 ,why dont u ask this thing to ur dr...he/she will tell u.i hope u will ask them
i am also thinking that if i will get Af i will call them & will ask them to have lap before proceeding to IUI


crystal74 - June 6

i just couldn't think of everything to ask her. i did though tell her about my BBT and she said that's not affective. i also asked her what about hostile c/m and she said that the IUI will by pass all of that. i go in today to talk with her so i will ask her about endo and if it's possible and if we should check before we do IUI's. thanks aish. have a good one and good luck



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