Do Ovulation Meds cause any harm to the baby or egg
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Anna - December 29

hi, Iam 27 trying to conceive for the last 4 months. I really dont think Iam ovulating because the ovulation test kits always comes out negative. If i go to my doctor is it to soon for me to get on ovulation meds to help me ovulate? Should I try longer and do it the natural way? Iam just stressing my self out wayyyy too much wanting to get pregnant now.. The longer I have to wait the more depressed and stressed I get. I am wondering if I should just go to my doc to put me on meds to help me ovulate? But do they cause any harm to the egg or the baby ( any side effects).


Elizabeth - December 29

Hi Anna.
If you suspect that you are not ovulating, I strongly suggest you go to your gynae. They will do the appropriate tests and then at least you'll know. I waited about 8 months before I had myself tested, and it turned out that I don't ovulate. My gynae put me on 50mg Clomid, which made me ovulate. I wish now that I had myself tested earlier, because it feels as if I've waisted 8 months. I'm still not pregnant, but at least I know I am ovulating. Some people have side effects, but I have absolutely none. Good luck!



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