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me again - September 23

Do the research on it. It is a scam. dong quai, which is one of the main ingredients causes bleeding. It brings on your period. Which, yeah that is great if you do not get periods but what about if you are pregnant...even before you get a positive pregnancy test. YOU WILL LOSE THE BABY!!! Someone must have reported my last post but it was not nasty at all. I was being honest about research that I and other women have done on the ingredients in ovulex. And the research done on the company. The company does not have a good record in the bbb. And yes the tests run on ovulex were done on lab rats. I got that straight from the horses mouth. And if you read the fine print on the website you will see the same thing. I am not lying. I just do not want to see people taking something that (if taken the way they say to take it) will induce menstruation. reguardless of whether you are pregnant already


me - September 23

I agree with you. I understand that so many women are desperate to have children that they will do anything to have them. I know it is hard, but if you are already somewhat regular and are not having success conceiving, your dr is the only person who can guide you in the right direction. I know some things work for some people, and I am sure there will be those f you who are advocates of Ovulex. All we are saying is be careful. Nothing is 100% guaranteed, no matter what they tell you. We are al in the same boat and have the same feelings. That is why we have these forums. To help each other get through these frustrating times. We will all get pregnant. I know we will! Good luck everyone! And be safe-


! - September 23

they do not put dong quai in it anymore.



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