Do Implantation Cramps Feel Like Period Cramps????
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Dina - June 21

I have been cramping for about three days but today is not as bad. It all started on day 23 of my 32 day cycle. It seems way too soon to be my period that's why I am wondering if it is implantation. Do implantation cramps feel like period cramps? I keep thinking a/f will appear early but so far nothing...and negative pregnancy test today. I know it probably too early to test (today is only 25 of 32) but I just couldn't wait! Can anyone explain the reason for the cramps?????? Or how they should feel if it's implantation???????? Please help!!!!!


Alissa - June 21

yes its all the same! I had bleeding with my first for about 3 to 4 days of very light bleeding like pinkish brown in color.


Dina - June 21

Thank you for your response Alissa~What about implantation cramps but no spotting to go along with it? Today was day three of cramping but now, around 2:30 pm, the are gone. I read somewhere that implantation cramps can last anywhere from nothing to two weeks. Anyone else hear this? Is is strange that the cramps are already gone? Anyone else agree that they feel like period cramps? I am so confused about this...I didn't feel implantation cramps during my first pregnancy (which m/c at 8 weeks). Instead I got a kidney infection so this is all new to me! Please help!


Alissa - June 21

Listen dina you REALLY need to relax!! All this could be, maybe, or is get me" you are going to drive yourself NUTS!! wait it out till you can take a test! Implantation is just like a period, feels the same a lot of women don't even realize it because it is so much like a period...relax girl friend :) good luck and try to take your mind off of it YES... I know its very hard but you sounded a lot like me everytime AF was supposed to come around I feel that we set are self's up for a broken heart :) *~*~*~*


Drew - June 21

I agree Dina you gotta slow down a little. Stress does not help ttc. But this is the place to let it all out!! I'm on day 16 of my cycle, just getting ready for the 2ww. I know your closer to the time to test, but if you want to wait with me that would be great!
~~~Baby Dust~~~ to you both!!


Lisa - June 21

Yep they feel the same... sometimes you will spot after or during... sometimes not at all.


Dina - June 21

Thanks ladies! You are right...I do need to relax and I am trying is just so hard! Thanks for your responses and advice.


? - June 22

How soon after ovulation does implantation bleeding occur? (if you in fact are pregnant?) i am 4 dpo right now. dina, i wish you the best of luck hun. i wish i had some answers for you but i am new to this stuff also. just try to stay calm. ok? just remember one thing. my qoute is and remains, " the best things in life are worth waiting for." i go by this pretty often. i have had people tell me this and have learned that sometimes words do help. take care every one and baby dust to all!


Drew - June 22

Dina, I know just how you feel! We have been ttc for about 4 years now. I only just started medication now, so every little thing that happens in my body I take as a sign, when its really not. But as everyone says, its in God's hands. I hope He's looking down on us!!



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