Do i still have hope????????????
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Amanda - March 29

I was supposed to start my period the 26th of March but nothing( mine is always like clockwork) i couldn't sleep so I took a test it
was neg. But I haven't had any period signs and still no bleeding. So maybe the hormone levels just weren't high enough. And if I don't have a period this month and I am not pg what do I do about next month ovulation???


Heather - March 29

Amanda, you sound like your going crazy over there!! Your period is 3-4 days late.... it may be too soon to take a preg test, wait a few more days (if you can) before testing again. STRESS can have a huge part in your period being late or irregular so calm down; I know exactly what you must be going through. Only those who are in our shoes know what a frustrating time this is in our lives, but by you freaking out and getting all stressed out will not help. Like I said before stress plays a big part when it comes to our menstrual cycles........ so please try to take your mind off of your late period for a few more days and then retest yourself!!! I wish you all the luck in the world..... BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!!


michelle - March 30

have you done a test yet?
my first 2 tests was negative but when i looked the next day in the bin they were positive( i never gave them chance to change before throwing them away x


Amanda - March 30

Michelle, I used the Clear Blue Easy digital reader test. The window just says, pregnant or not pregnant. I am going to wait until this Saturday and if still no period Iam gong to take another test. either I am pregnant or I just stressed myself out way to much (probably the stress)


dhillon - March 31

i am not getting pregnant



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