Do I need fertility treatment?
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JS - January 24

Trying for a baby, went off BC on 17th Dec and haven't had a period since. Normal weight, normal blood pressure and have stopped smoking. Saw the gynae who did a scan and said that my uteris lining was very thin, he also noticed big black patches around my ovaries - said it was probably blood / fluid but he wasn't sure why it was there.

He sent me for blood tests and said that if I wasn't ovulating then they would have to start me on fertility treatment. He also said that my ovaries had little follicles on them but no cysts or growths.

What I would like to know is do you have to have a period in order to ovulate? Is there anyway I am ovulating without menstrating and can a blood test pick up whether or not you ovulate?

If he reccomends fertility treatment when the results come back should I wait a while to see if my cycle returns to normal or go on treatment right away? Don't want to waste any time but would prefer to conceive naturally as I've heard that you have to wait a few months after treatment (don't know why?)


kim - January 27

I'm not sure about the black patches on your ovaries, but no you don't ovulate without a period. That is what makes ovulation possible. Some women have a period and still don't ovulate but without period you cannot ovulate. Don't wait to long to see if your cycles will be regular or not. I have irregular periods too and mine only get farther and farther apart, until I don't have one at all. There is a natural herbal supplement you can take to have a period, its called New Phase, worked for me. My son is 18 months old. Your DR. knows more about infertility then I do, but I wouldn't wait.



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