do i need a driver after hsg dye test ?
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andy - July 23

Should i arrange someone to be able to drive me hope after i have the test. I hear it is very uncomfortable and some cramp badly after it.


Been There - July 23

I've had one, just recently as a matter of fact, and I drove myself. The painful cramping is during the actual procedure and doesn't last more than 30 seconds. A long 30 seconds, but still about that long. But it's probably different afterward for each person. I drove myself there and to work after.

So you should probably ask your physician what he/she recommends.


andy - July 23

thanx been there, they said some people need rides some dont. Anyone else had any experiences?


merlee - July 23

I was fine after I had mine. They gave me a pad and away I went. For it to be so sterile and cold, it really was no bigee.


Ann - July 23

Hi andy, I also had the test done. My hubby drove me, but I could have if I had to. I cramped a little after, but that was it. Good luck!


Lena - July 24

My husband drove me home, but I could have driven myself. Their was a woman getting her HSG did need a ride home, but I think it was more emotional than physical for her. She stressed about the pain an awful lot while we were waiting for the procedure.


D. - July 24

I went by myself. I would take about 800 mg of ibuprofen about an hour before if you can. And take a pad. It could get kind of messy. You might bleed a little afterwards as well. Not bad though. And your chances of getting pg afterward go up for about three cycles, which is always a great thing to know! Good Luck! I hope it's all clear.


andy - July 24

Hey D. now i'm not so fretting about it...woopee wouldn't that be nice. thanx


Carrie - July 25

no you are find to drive yourself home, I would suggest taking the day off however...just schedule a massage or something special for yourself



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