Do I have PCOS?
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Julie - November 2

Because of my irregular, long cycles, facial hair, etc. my doctor said that I probobly have PCOS. They did an ultrasound, and there were no cysts on my ovaries. I just got the results of my blood tests for LH, FSH, glucose, and insulin levels, and they are all normal! Does this meen that I don't have PCOS?


Mega - November 2

Hi Julie. What did your dr say after the results of the b/w came back normal & you didn't have polycystic ovaries? I'm curious b/c with the long, irreg. cycles & facial hair it certainly sounds consistent with PCOS. PCOS is such a weird thing anyway, & there are lots of ways it can affect you. I was dx. by my OB b/c of my long, irreg. cycles, though my b/w came back somewhat normal too. Then when I switched to my RE, he confirmed her diagnosis with an u/s, he found that my left ovary was the classic "string of pearl" polycystic ovary. My point is, you could very well have it. Doctors consider a lot of factors when dx PCOS, & there seems to be a lot of differing opinons too. Has your dr put you on Clomid, or anything like that? Whether or not he classifies you as PCOS, Clomid may help with the irreg. cycles. Good luck! HTH!



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